CIS 4500 CH1-7

1-1 Which of the following would be the best example of a deterrent control?

C. A guard posted outside the door

1-2 Enacted in 2002, this U.S. law requires every federal agency to implement information security programs, including significant reporting on compliance and accreditation. Which of the following is the best choice for this definition?


1-3 Brad has done some research and determined a certain set of systems on his network fail once every ten years. The purchase for each of these systems is $1200. Additionally, Brad discovers the administrators on staff, who earn $50 an hour, estimate five hours to replace a machine. Five employees, earning $25 an hour, depend on each system and will be completely unproductive while it is down. If you were to ask Brad for and ALE on these devices, what should he answer with?

B. 207.50

1-4 An ethical hacker is hired to test the security of a business network. the CEH is given no prior knowledge of the network and has a specific framework in which to work, defining boundaries, nondisclosure agreements and the competition date. Which of the following is a true statement?

A. A white hat is attempting a black-box test

1-5 When an attack by a hacker is politically motivated, the hacker is said to be participating in which of the following?

D. Hacktivism

1-6 Two hackers attempt to crack a company's network resource security. One is considered an ethical hacker, whereas the other is not. What distinguishes the ethical hacker from the "cracker"?

D. The ethical hacker always obtains written permission before testing

1-7 In which stage of an ethical hack would the attacker actively apply tools and techniques to gather more in-depth information on the targets?

B. Scanning and enumeration

1-8 Which type of attack is generally conducted as an inside attacker with elevated privileges on the resources?

B. White box

1-9 Which of the following Common Criteria process refers to the system or product being tested?


1-10 Your Company has a document that spells out exactly what employees are allowed to do on their computer systems. It also defined what is prohibited and what consequences await those who break the rules. A copy of this document is signed by all employees prior to their network access. Which of the following best describes this policy?

A. Information Security Policy

1-11 Sally is a member of a pen test team newly hired to test a bank's security. She begins searching for IP addresses the bank may own by searching public records on the internet. She also looks up news articles and job postings to discover information that may be valuable. In what phase of the pen test is Sally working?

B. Assessment

1-12 Joe is a security engineer for a firm. His company downsizes, and Joe discovers he will be laid off within a short amount of time. Joe plants viruses and sets about destroying data and settings throughout the network, with no regard to being caught. Which type of hacker is Joe considered to be?

B. Suicide Hacker

1-13 Elements of security include confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Which technique provides for integrity?

C. Hashing

1-14 Which of the following best describes an effort to identity systems that are critical for continuation of operation for the organizations?


2-1 Which of the following would be the best choice for foot-printing restricted URLs and OS information from a target?

C. Netcraft

2-2 Which of the following consists of a publicly available set of databases that contain domain name registration contact information?

C. Whois

2-3 Which of the following best describes the role that the U.S. Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) provides?

B. A reliable and consistent point of contact for all incident response services for associates of the Department of Homeland Security

2-4 An SOA record gathered from a zone transfer is shown here:What is the authoritative DNS server for the domain, and how often will secondary servers check in for updates?

A., every 3600 seconds

2-5 A security peer is confused about a recent incident. An attacker successfully accessed a machine in the organization and made off with some sensitive data. A full vulnerability scan was run immediately following the theft, and nothing was discovered. Which of the following best describes what may have happened?

A. The attacker took advantage of a zero-day vulnerability on the machine.

2-6 Which footprinting tool or technique can be used to find the names and addresses of employees or technical points of contact?

A. whois

2-7 Which Google hack would display all pages that have the words SQL and Version in their titles?

D. allintitle:SQL version

2-8 Which of the following are passive footprinting methods? (Choose all that apply)

A. Checking DNS replies for network mapping purposesB. Collecting Information through publicly accessible sources

2-9 Which OSRF application checks to see if a username has been registered in up to 22 different e-mail providers?


2-10 You have an FTP service and an HTTP site on a single server. Which DNS record allows you to alias both services to the same record (IP address)?


2-11 As a pen test team member, you begin searching for IP ranges owned by the target organization and discover their network range. You also read job postings and news articles and visit the organization's website. Throughout the first week of the test, you also observe when employees come to and leave work, and you rummage through the trash outside the building for useful information. Which type of footprinting are you accomplishing?

B. Passive

2-12 A pen tester is attempting to use nslookup and has the tool in interactive mode for search. Which command should be used to request the appropriate records?

D. set type=ns

3-1 A member of your team enters the following command: nmap -sV -sC -O -traceroute IPAddressWhich of the following Nmap commands performs the same task?

A. nmap - A IPAddress

3-2 You want to perform banner grabbing against a machine ( you suspect as being a web server. Assuming you have the correct tools installed, which of the following command-line entries will successfully perform a banner grab? (Choose all that apply.)

A. telnet 80C. nc -v -n 80

3-3 You've decided to begin scanning against a target organization but want to keep efforts as quiet as possible. Which IDS evasion technique splits the TCP header among multiple packets?

A. Fragmenting

3-4 One of your team members is analyzing TTL fields and TCP window sizes in order to fingerprint the OS of a target. Which of the following is most likely being attempted?

B. Passive OS fingerprinting

3-5 What flag or flags are sent in the segment during the second step of the TCP three-way handshake?


3-6 You are port scanning a system and begin sending TCP packets with the ACK flag set. Examining the return packets, you see a return packet for one port has the RST flag set and the TTL is less than 64. Which of the following is true?

A. The response indicates an open port

3-7 An ethical hacker is ACK-scanning against a network segment he knows is sitting behind a stateful firewall. If a scan packet receives no response, what does that indicate?

A. The port is filtered at the firewall

3-8 Which flag forces termination of communications in both directions?


3-9 You are examining a host with an IP address of and want to determine the broadcast for the subnet. Which of the following is the correct broadcast address for the subnet?


3-10 Which port number is used by default for syslog?

D. 514

3-11 Which of the following commands would you use to quickly identify live targets on a subnet? (Choose all that apply)

C. nmap -sn nmap -PI

3-12 You're running an IDLE scan and send the first packet to the target machine. Next, the SYN/ACK packet is sent to the zombie. The IPID on the return packet from zombie is 36754. If the starting IPID was 36753, in what state is the port on the target machine?

B. Closed

3-13 Which ICMP message type/code indicates the packet could not arrive at the recipient due to exceeding its time to live?

A. Type 11

3-14 An ethical hacker is sending TCP packets to a machine with SYN flag set. None of the SYN/ACK responses on open ports is being answered. Which type of port scan is this?


3-15 Which of the following statements is true regarding port scanning?

D. Port scanning is used to identify potential vulnerabilities on a target system

4-1 Which of the following best describes a honeypot?

B. It is used to gather information about potential network attackers

4-2 Which of the following Wireshark filters would display all traffic sent from, or destined to, systems on the subnet? (Choose all that apply)

A. ip.addr == ip.src == or ip.dst ==

4-3 Which of the following best describes active sniffing? (Choose all that apply.)

B. Active sniffing is usually required when switches are in placeD. Active sniffing is easier to detect than passive sniffing

4-4 Your client tells you they know beyond a doubt an attacker is sending messages back and forth from their network, yet the IDS doesn't appear to be altering on the traffic. Which of the following is most likely true?

A. The attacker is sending messages over an SSL tunnel

4-5 Which display filter for Wireshark shows all TCP packets containing the word facebook?

B. tcp contains facebook

4-6 You are configuring rules for your Snort installation and want to have an alert message of "Attempted FTP" on any FTP packet coming from an outside address intended for one of your internal hosts. Which of the following rules are correct for this situation?

C. alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET any - > $HOME_NET 21 (msg:"Attempted FTP")

4-7 What occurs when an IDS does not properly identify a malicious packet entering the network?

A. False Positive

4-8 Machine A (with MAC address 00-01-02-AA-BB-CC) and Machine B (00-01-02-BB-CC-DD) are on the same subnet. Machine C, with address 00-01-02-CC-DD-EE, is on a different subnet. While the attacker is sniffing on the fully switched network, Machine B sends a message to Machine C. If an attacker on Machine A wanted to receive a copy of this message, which of the following circumstances would be necessary?

B. The ARP cache of Machine B would need to be poisoned, changing the entry for default gateway to 00-01-02-AA-BB-CC

4-9 An IDS installed on the network perimeter sees a spike in traffic during off-duty hours and begins logging and altering. Which type of IDS is in place?

C. Anomaly based

4-10 In what situation would you employ a proxy server? (Choose the best answer)

C. You want to filter internet traffic for internal systems

4-11 An attacker has successfully connected a laptop to a switch port and turned on a sniffer. The NIC is running in promiscuous mode, and the laptop is left alone for a few hours to capture traffic. Which of the following statements are true? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The packet capture will provide the MAC addressed of other machines connected to the switch.C. The packet capture will display all traffic intended for the laptop`

4-12 Which of the following are appropriate active sniffing techniques against a switched network? (Choose all that apply.)

A. ARP poisoningB. MAC flooding

4-13 A pen tester is configuring a Windows laptop for a test. In setting up Wireshark, what driver and library are required to allow the NIC to work in promiscuous mode?

C. winpcap

4-14Which of the following works at Layer 5 of the OSI model?

C. Circuit Level Firewall

5-1 Which of the following best defines steganography?

A. Steganography is used to hide information within existing files

5-2 Which encryption standard is used by LM?


5-3 Which of the following would be considered a passive online password attack?

B. Sniffing subnet traffic to intercept a password

5-4 A user on Joe's network does not need to remember a long password. Users on Joe's network log in using a token and a four digit PIN. Which authentication measure best describes this?

C. Two-Factor authentication

5-5 Which of the following best defines a hybrid attack?

C. The attack uses a dictionary list, substituting letters, number, and characters in the words until the word is cracked.

5-6 While pen-testing a client, you discover the LM hashing, with no salting, is still engaged for backward compatibility on most systems. One stolen password hash reads 9FAF6B755DC38E12AAD3B435B51404EE. Is this user following good password procedures?

C. No, the hash shows a 14 character password; however, it is not complete

5-7 Where is SAM file stored on a Windows 7 Machine?

C. C:\Windows\System32\Config\

5-8 Examining a database server during routine maintenance, you discover an hour of time missing from the log file, during what would otherwise be normal operating hours. Further investigation reveals no user complaints on accessibility. Which of the following is the most likely explanation?

B. The server was compromised by an attacker.

5-9 Which of the following can migrate the machine's actual operating system into a virtual machine?

A. Hypervisor-level rootkit

5-10 After gaining access to a windows machine, you see the last command executed on the box looks like this:net use F: \\MATTBOX\Bankfiles /persistent :yesAssuming the user had appropriate credentials, which of the following are true? (Choose all that apply)

B. In Windows Explorer, a drive will appear denoted as BankFiles (\\MATTBOX)(F:)C. The mapped drive will remain mapped after a reboot.

5-11 An attacker has hidden badfile.exe in the readme.txt file. Which of the following is the correct command to execute the file?

B. start readme.txt:badfile.exe

5-12 You see the following command in a Linux history file review:someproc &Which of the following best describe the command result?

A. The process "someproc" will stop when the user logs outC. The process "someproc" will run as a background task