3.1 questions east asia

Make a timeline of the following dynasties, as well as the dates they were in power in China:
Yuan (Mongols), Ming, Qing (Manchu)

yuan: 1300-1368 Ming 1368-1644 qing: 1644-1911

How did the Qing Dynasty become established, and why did they expand the Great Wall of China

Manchu sized power and he enforced military and war. they expanded the great wall for keeping out invaders from the north.

Briefly summarize the accomplishments/impacts of the following Emperors:

Kangxi: he was one of china's longest reigning emperors. he created a period of stability and expansion.
Qianlong: he was an artist and practiced calligraphy. he started a lot of military campaigns ad mass killed the local population.

Summarize the conflicts that the Qing Dynasty had with the West.

they fought over annexation and it caused mass killings of the local population. it stopped the muslim population from being as prominent in china

Recall - how did the Mongol Empire decline? (p. 90).

they were overtaken by the white lotus society.