Exam4 - Sapling Questions - Topic 3

Label each reactant and product in this reaction as a Br�nsted acid or base.
H2Y- + H2Z- <-> H3Y + H3-2

Conjugate pairs
H2Y- base-acid H3Y
H2Z- acid-base H3-2

conjugate acid of a base

is formed by adding a proton (ion) to the base

conjugate base of an acid

is formed by removing a proton from the acid.

What is the pH of an aqueous solution with a hydrogen ion concentration of [H ] = 8.5 � 10-7 M?

pH= -log(H+)
so = -log(8.5x10-7) = 6.07

To find hydrogen ion concentration of a solution

instead of ph=-log(H+)
switch the negative to the other side
find antilog
10 to the -ph = H+