Latin american reform

Which best describes how Mexican leaders sought to protect democratic rule after the country's revolution?

They approved a new constitution.

Which actions did Fidel Castro take in Cuba after creating a communist system in 1959? Check all that apply.

He repressed the civil liberties of all citizens, He nationalized the Cuban economy, He forbade the selling of private property, & He prohibited free press in the country.

Mexico's Constitution of 1917 helped the working class by

protecting the right to strike.

The main reason Cárdenas nationalized Mexico's oil industry was to

enable the country to get direct benefit from its vast supplies.

Which best describes the successes and challenges of modern-day Mexico?

It has experienced economic growth and a growing middle class, but poverty continues to linger and government corruption remains.

Many Latin American countries in the twentieth century turned to

communism and socialism.

The Mexican Constitution of 1917 sought to protect democratic rule by

breaking up large estates, providing free education, and establishing minimum-wage laws.

Porfirio Diaz and Santa Anna each led Mexico after independence as


Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz inspired a revolution in 1910 by using his power to

limit democracy and freedoms.

The dominant political party in Mexico for most of the twentieth century was the

Institutional Revolutionary Party