Geography Chapters 6&7

The troposphere is composed of many large parcels of air, known as air masses. Which of the following is not one of the three requirements for air masses?

Air masses must have relatively uniform vertical properties.

Certain regions are particularly suited to generating air masses because they are...

extensivephysically uniform, such as desert landscape or a forestassociated with anti-cyclonic, stationary airAll of the above are associated with generating air masses (correct)

If an air mass from the CP source region travels south into the United States, one could infer the weather in the northern portion of the United States is likely to

Become colder and drier

Which of the following is an incorrect statement regarding fronts?

Cooler air will always overlay warmer air

All of the following are correct statements about Mid-latitude Cyclones except...

Move within Trade Winds Only

All of the following are correct statements about Mid-latitude Anti-Cyclones except...

Are accompanied by rapidly rising, unstable air

Water's ability to climb upward in narrow openings when surface tension and adhesion are present is known as...


The energy exchanged during a change in the phase/state of water is called...

latent heat

As a parcel of unsaturated air rises, it cools at the dry adiabatic lapse rate of approximately 5.5 degrees F per 1000 ft. The altitude at which the air parcel has risen to a point where condensation can begin to occur is called the...

lifting condensation level

Of the four types of atmospheric lifting discussed in the text, ___________ refers to lifting that occurs as a result of a topographic barrier, such as a mountain. The result is precipitation as the air mass rises upslope with significantly drier conditions on the opposite side of the topographic barrier.

orographic lifting

While acid rain became a problem in the latter part of the twentieth century, it has been slow to spread across the globe and thus far has not proved to be very intense, allowing scientists time to focus on other, more pressing environmental issues.


One way the Bergeron Process differs from Collision/Coalescence is that in clouds where the Bergeron Process has taken place, precipitation begins its descent as ice-crystals.


Clouds are classified based on form (shape) and altitude.


In general, as temperature increases, so does relative humidity.


90% of hurricane related deaths are caused by the storm surge and subsequent coastal area drownings.