Risk Administration Section 7 CISR

Risk Administration

The ongoing implementation and monitoring of the risk management process


part of administration where the desired actions and plans of the risk management department are initiated. (executive management, middle management/supervisors, & all other employees)


part of the administration where risk management examines and evaluates the results of the actions and plans and then uses that feedback to modify the process. (significant incidents/accidents, loss trend analysis, open/closed claims, total cost of risk &

additional resources

outside or objective veiwpoint is required, time is of the essence, outside expert is more cost effective, upper management requests it, & limited term activity or special project arises

members of the network

risk management, health, safety, and environmental, human resources, functional areas of the organization, legal, agents/brokers/carriers/captive managers, RMIS providers, & actuaries

Identify best fit for network members

background, roles and responsibilities, soft skills, & time availability

review & adjustments

feedback, process experience, changes in needs and management, document reviews