AP Practice Exam pt 1

The architectural style of which of the following became an inspiration for Renaissance artists?


In what respect was the Mauryan ruler Ashoka's endorsement of Buddhism different from the Roman Empire's support of Christianity beginning with Emperor Constantine?

State support of Buddhism was accompanied by a policy of religious tolerance, while state support of Christianity led to a suppression of other religions

All of the following were cultural traditions that strengthened patriarchy EXCEPT


Slaves constituted at least a third of the population in all of the following second-wave civilizations EXCEPT

Han dynasty China

In which second-wave civilization was elite status associated with education and success in the civil service examination system?


All of the following were advantages Bantu-speaking migrants had over the people's they encountered as they spread throughout sub-Saharan Africa EXCEPT

a well-trainer military and unified leadership

City-states were the dominant feature of the political systems that emerged in all of the following EXCEPT

imperial China

All of the following mark the transition from the Paleolithic era to the Neolithic Revolution EXCEPT the

human use of fire

What did the rulers of the First Civilizations in China, Mesopotamia, and Egypt invoke to legitimize their power?

The gods

The development of writing in the First Civilizations was associated with