World History Sem 1: Unit 2 World Religions

Which is a common link between all religions?A. All religions have prophets.B. All religions lead humans away from suffering.C. All religions believe in multiple gods.D. All religions are monotheistic.

All religions lead humans away from suffering.

Which is a belief of pantheism?A. belief that the entire universe is godB. belief in only one godC. belief in many godsD. no belief in any god

belief that the entire universe is god

What do most religions believe is the way toward salvation or a better afterlife?A. exercising free willB. practicing all religious ritualsC. doing good deedsD. leading a monastic life

doing good deeds

Which of the following is a characteristic of a personal god?A. He is invisible.B. He is present in abstract form.C. He can communicate through prophets and visions.D. He varies for every individual of that religion.

He can communicate through prophets and visions.

Apart from believing in many gods, what do polytheists also believe in?A. They believe their god and the universe are one.B. They believe their god is present in the abstract.C. They believe in gods of other religions.D. They believe their god can speak to them.

They believe in gods of other religions.

Which statement is one of the thirteen beliefs of Judaism?A. The dead can never be resurrected.B. God is eternal.C. God handed only the Torah to Moses.D. There are still more forms of Torah to come in the future.

God is eternal.

Who liberated the Jews from Egypt, led them across the desert for forty years, gave them the Ten Commandments, and eventually led them to the Promised Land?A. JacobB. MosesC. AbrahamD. King David


Christine has decided to throw a small feast for her Jewish friends. Which of the following actions would be acceptable according to kosher laws?A. serving crab and lobsterB. serving imported wineC. serving pepperoni pizzaD. serving lasagnaE. serving turkey and vegetables

serving turkey and vegetables

Which Jewish festival involves lighting nine candles?A. PesachB. Yom KippurC. SukkotD. Hanukkah


Which branch of Judaism allows the playing of instrumental music?A. Reform JudaismB. Conservative JudaismC. Hasidic JudaismD. Orthodox Judaism

Reform Judaism

Which compilation deals with the legal aspects of the Torah?A. TanakhB. MishnahC. Midrash halachahD. Ketuvim

Midrash halachah

Which day do Christians consider as the Lord's Day?A. SaturdayB. Good FridayC. EasterD. Sunday


Who conquered Jerusalem in the seventh and eighth centuries?A. TurksB. MongolsC. ChristiansD. Muslims


Which section of the New Testament narrates the history of Christian missionaries?A. the EpistlesB. the GospelsC. Acts of the ApostlesD. Book of Revelation

Acts of the Apostles

15. Which incident marks the initiation of the events leading to the crucifixion of Christ?A. the Last SupperB. betrayal by JudasC. prayer at Gethsemane GardenD. trial by Pontius Pilate

the Last Supper

Who in Christianity established a relationship between reason and faith?A. John CalvinB. Thomas AquinasC. Martin LutherD. St. Francis of Assisi

Thomas Aquinas

17. What did the nomadic Arabs believe in before the birth of the prophet Muhammad?A. monotheismB. atheismC. polytheismD. pantheism


18. Whom do Shia Muslims believe to be the true successor of Muhammad?A. Abu BakrB. Imam AliC. UthmanD. Abu Talib

Imam Ali

19. Which pillar of Islam involves the washing ritual of wudu prior to the prayer?A. SalatB. ZakatC. ShahadahD. Sawm


20. Which direction do Muslims face while offering Salat?A. facing the Ka'ba in MeccaB. facing eastC. facing westD. facing any mosque

facing the Ka'ba in Mecca

21. Which statement is true about Allah?A. Allah represents himself in a male form.B. Allah's son is the prophet Muhammad.C. Allah is omnipotent.D. Allah has a unit of demigods.

Allah is omnipotent.

22. Which title do Muslims confer upon a person who has memorized the Quran by heart?A. UmahB. HafizC. PirD. Imam