Theology Midterm 2020

Who came up with the idea to open LF

Cardinal Dougherty

When did LF open?


The 1st graduating class was in June of ________


How many principles has LF had?

3 (father brown, Marie Gallagher, Sister Kathleen)

In 1953 LF was

The largest all-girls high school in the U.S. (3,312)

Pope John Paul II

He came to Philly in 1979, and LF played for him @ the airport

What happened in 1993

LF almost closed

How many presidents has LF had

3 (Sr. Joan, Sr. Donna, Ms. McNamara)

How did Cardinal Dougherty pay to open LF

The gifts ($$$) he received from his anniversary


English for Speakers of Other Languages, started in 1994, mostly polish boys and girls

Our Lady of Confidence

School for down syndrome children it closed in 1998

In 2010...

LF almost closed again, but cardinal Dougherty and north catholic closed

The 80th ann. of LF is in


When was St. Therese born?

January 2 1873

Where was St. Therese born?


Therese's mother died when she was __________


What was Therese's full name

Therese MArtin

Therese's mother died of

Breast cancer

Why did Therese not like school

She was not good at the social part

Why did she not become a carmelite @ 14

Her family told her no

At what age did she actually join the carmelites?


Why did she do the chores with no problem?

She did them out of her love for God

Little WAy

Doing small things with great love for God

What disease did she catch in the convent?


What is her autobiography called?

Story of a soul

When did she die?

September 30, 1897 (24)


spend her heaven doing good on earth and let fall a shower of roses

Canonization of St. Therese in





the little flower of JEsus

Who named her the Doctor of the church

Pope John Paul II

Doctor of the Church

A church writer of great learning and holiness whose works the church has highly recommended for studying and living the faith.

Feast Day

October 1

When he was young Fr. Martin ordered a statue of St. _ from the back of a magazine.

St. Jude

Saint Jude is known as the Patron Saint of _____.

Lost causes

Where did Fr. Martin keep this statue

once he went to high school? his sock drawer

Fr. Martin became a priest right after graduating from college.


Joan of Arc was from _____.


Joan heard the voices of 3 saints calling her. What were they calling her to do?

To fight and lead the French to victory in the Hundred-year war

Joan's military efforts were successful


When Joan was arrested

she was charged with _____ and _____., Heresy, Witchcraft

When Joan was killed she was _____


Joan's last words were "_" said twice


For his language in high school

Father Martin took _., French

Where did Fr. Martin go to college?

University of Pennsylvania

Fr. Martin told a story about a man who declared that "Joan was holy because she _.


How does Fr. Martin explain his connection to St. Joan? Why does he think he connected with her? How does he see their lives as being similar?

He sees their lives were similar because they both trusted their faith after being unsure of why certain things were happening in their life.

This is the painting of Jon of Arc that Fr. Martin talks about in the chapter. It hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Look t it carefully. Write about one detail that you notice.

She has no shoes on

When Fr. Martin went to see a movie about St. Therese with a friend what was the friend's reaction to St. Therese's story?

What a waste of life. All that suffering for nothing.

St. Therese was from _ (country)

St. Therese was from France

Both of Therese's parents wanted to enter religious life themselves.


On Good Friday in 1896 Therese awoke knowing that she was seriously ill. How did she know?

Her mouth was full of blood

St. Therese expressed a desire to be a priest.


Although she never left the cloistered Carmelite convent she had hoped that she would be chosen to be a _. (Today she is the patron saint of these people.


What is the title of St. Therese's autobiography?

Story of a Soul

St. Therese's way of living - doing small acts of love sacrifice and sometimes suffering from love for God is known as her "_ _.

Little Way

When you see a statue of St. Therese you see a young Carmelite sister in a brown and white habit carrying _ and a _.

carrying cross and a rose.

Fr. Martin describes St. Therese in this way: she is a "stunningly original personality a person who despite the difficulties of life holds out to us her Little Way and says to us one thing: _.


St. Bernadette lived in


St. Bernadette was very rich


St. Bernadette was ________ years old when Mary appeared to her.


Which option best describes what Bernadette saw in her apparition

a young girl, smiling, dressed in white

Bernadette prayed the _______ with the apparition


Bernadette tried to make money by telling her story


Mary told Bernadette to do something unusual during one of her visits. What did she ask her to do?

drink muddy water

When Bernadette asked the apparition her name she told her


The people of the town and her family believed Bernadette from the beginning.


After the apparitions stopped

what did Bernadette do with her life?, SHE BECAME A NUN

Bernadette died of _________

like St. Therese.,TB

Today when people make pilgrimages to Lourdes what do they hope will happen?


Bernadette was _______ years old when she died


Dorothy Day spent time in jail.


Dorothy Day had a child


In what city did Dorothy spend most of her life?

New York

With her friend and mentor Peter Maurin

Dorothy started an organization and newspaper that works for social change and serves the poor & hungry. It is called, The Catholic Worker

The newspaper published by the organization started by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin costs a __________ per copy


Throughout most of her life Dorothy worked as a


At the end of her life when she was confined to her room she said: "My job is


Fr. Martin 1st encountered Dorothy Day when he saw a ________ of her.


The name of Dorothy's autobiography is "The Long


Dorothy is not a saint


Brother Bill worked in Chicago with ______


What kind of clothing did Fr. Martin have to wear?

A Jesuit Cassock

St. Francis' life changed when he met a ___________


At first St. Francis misunderstood what Jesus really meant by his request for him to "Go and rebuild my house which you see if falling down.


What is one animal about whom a story was told in this chapter?


Where did Jesus make a request of Francis?

on the cross

How did Francis show very publicly that he was leaving his father and finding protection and a home in the church?

He took off all of his clothes and laid them at his father's feet

When dealing with his ministry Brother Bill often said that "there was little he could do for them other than be their friend and _____ them.


How did Brother Bill & Fr. Martin handle the conflict to which they were called on a street corner in Chicago?

stood between the 2 crowds

St. Francis founded an order of priests called The _____.


This order practiced radical poverty and spread throughout Italy preaching and begging. Soon a similar order of women formed - they are called The _____.

poor clares

Francis' health was poor. He struggled with issues with his ____ as well as _____

eyes and TB

St. Francis in a deep experience of prayer received the marks of Jesus' crucifixion The _____


Where did Francis ask to be laid when he died?

on the earth

Your life needs to include a _____________ of rights and responsibilities because both are important.


Pope John XXIII wrote about Fundamental Human Rights. List 5 of them here

right to life right to worship God's political rights right to immigrate and emigrate right to choose your vocation

In addition to human rights we also have human responsibilities.

Take care of your body

Solidarity reminds us of the "_____" of all creation - most especially human beings.


Solidarity motivates us to _____ in some way in response to the sufferings or joys of others.


what solidarity IS and what solidarity ISN'T. Briefly explain that here - what IS solidarity and what is it NOT?

solidarity is not a vague feeling of compassion, but it is a helpful act we can perform to help others in need.

We are called to see our natural environment as a ______


It is not surprising that Pope Francis would be the Pope to address the environment. Why?

1. Pope Francis has a degree in science. 2. He chose his name after St. Francis of Assissi who cared for the environment and animals.

You read about Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment.

Care for creation requires a change of heart.

Who wrote "Peace on Earth?

Pope John XXIII

Who wrote "On Social Concern?

Pope John Paul II

Who wrote "Laudato Si?

Pope Francis