Chapter 21

The Ganges river joins with other rivers and creates a huge


Sri links

An island country that was the hardest hit by tsunami of 2004

The Indus River flows though


The two largest cities in India are

Mumbai and Kolkata

Mount Everest

The world's highest mountain

The best way for India to provide for its growing population

By encouraging

India, is the world's largest democracy

One of the worlds top 5 industrial countries, and has a low per capita GDP

More then 70 percent of India's population lives

In villages

In 1971 east Pakistan broke off to become the independent country of


The Mughal empire grew rich from trade in goods such as

Tea and spices

In the struggle for independence Mohandas Gandhi used the strategy of

Nonviolent protest

One of Pakistan's greatest challenge is

It's lack of government stability

The British company that once controlled large part of the Indian subcontinent is

The East India company

In 1947 the British agreed to

The partition of India

Nepal has remained one of the world's least developed nation because of its

Poor resources

The biggest challenges facing Bangladesh is


Hindus believe that their ultimate goal is to

Reunite their souls with the universal spirit

The country that has a larger population that India is


The beginning of India's social system and Hindu religion came from the,


The Harappan civilization was founded around 2300 BC in the

Indus River valley


A system dividing Indian society into groups based on birth or occupation


The dominant religion of India


The rule that built the Taj Mahal


Taught that people can rise above their desire for material goods and reach nirvana

Mohandas Gandhi

Is best remembered for his role in the Indian independence struggle

Siddhartha Gautama

His teachings are the basis for the religion Buddhism

Green Revolution

A program in India to encourage farmers to adopt modern farming method


festival of lights


Capital of Nepal


The territory claimed by both Pakistan and India


The dominant religion of Pakistan


a landform at the mouth of a river created by sediment deposits


A territory controlled by a foreign land

Indus River valley

Pakistan most densely populated region


A state of perfect peace in which suffering end