health careers chapter 2 test

does not specialize in any one type of medical treatment, rather they provide a wide range of giagnostic, medical, and emergency care.

definition of general hospital

provide impatient continually of care for clients with long-term stays in a acute care environment

definition of specialty hospital

generally engage geriatric care for elderly people needing nursing services and assisting with personal care and daily living activities.

definition of convalescent care facility

including diagnosis, observation, treatment, and rehabilitation that does not require an overnight admission to a hospital or health care facility.

definition of ambulatory clinic

provide care in the home for patients/ clients who need health services but not hospitalization.

definition of home health agency

Veterans administration hispitals

give an example of a government health care agency

disease control and prevention biomedical research regulation of food,drugs, and medical services mental health drug abuse health care delivery

what is the united states Public Health department responsible for?

Are organizations who dont pay their employees. They get funding from donations, gifts, memberships, fundraisers, and endowments. Two examples would be american red cross and march of dimes

what are non-for-profit/volunteer agencies? where do they get funding? List two examples of volunteer agencies

a health care plan or system that seeks to control medical costs by contracting with a network providers and by requiring pre for visits to specialist.

definiton of managed care

offer medical care that does not require an overnight stay in a hospital or medical facility, but are under physicians care.

definition of ambulatory care

a medical treatment that does not require an overnight stay in a hospital or medical facility, but are under physicians care.

definition of outpatient care

it is to provide quality care at a reasonable cost

what is the goal of managed care?

pertaining to the determination of the nature of a disease or injury by examining

definition of diagnostic

pertaining to the treatment of disease or injury

definition of therapeutic

The World Health Organization. It is concerned with the worlds health problems, and publishes health information, complies statistics, and investigates serious health problems.

what does W.H.O stand for? what is the WHO's function/

it improves the performance of health care workers it ensures that the facility delivers high-quality health care for patients/ clients

give two reasons why the organization of health care facilities is important


dietary/food services








central supply




emergency room


renal dialysis





Preventative/wellness care. like doctors checkup and screenings, are important because they help keep patients healthy. they prevent serious illness and lowers medical costs.

define wellness and preventive care? why are they important?

continuing over many years and for a long time

define chronic

the gradual recovery of health and strength after illness

define convalescent

process that helps people who have een disabled by sickness or injury to recover as many of their original abilities for activities of daily living as possible

define rehabilitation

pertaining to the treatment of disease or injury

define therepeutic

elevation of the blood pressure

define hypertension

the method of adjusting the segment of the spinal column

define chiropractic

general direction or movement

define trend

peratinign to the determinatin of the nature of disease or injury bt examining

define diagnostic

gifts of property or government given to a group or organization

define endowment

pertaining to the mind

define psychiatric

the medical specialty concerned with correcting problems with the skeletal system

define orthopedics

substance given to make disease organisms harmless to the patients; may be given orally or by interjection

define immunization

fields of study or professional work

define specialties

patient/clients who do not require hospitalization but are under a physicians care

define outpatient

Diagnostic related grouping

what does DRG's stand for?

helps reduce unnecessary any procedures and encourage self-care and home care

what are DRG's

is a health insurance program provided by the federal government to people over the age of 65.

what is medicare?

is a health insurance program provided by the federal government for low-income americans

what is medicaid?

preferred provider organization. It is a health care program for large companies and corporations as a reduced cost.

what does PPO stand for? what is a PPO

Health maintenance organization. Its a health care that requires members to pay a co-payment for medical services

what does HMO stand for? what is HMO?

employees who suffer a job related injury or illness

who is covered by workers compensation?

Active duty members, retirees, and their families

who is covered by tricare?

intended to keep from happening

define preventative

a set amount the subscriber pays for each medical service

define co-payment

the act of interfering to modify an outcome

define invention

therapeutic services

provide care over time

Diagnostic services

used to identify particular conditions of diseases

informational services

documents and process information

support services

help create a relaxing, healing and supportive environment

therapeutic services diagnostic servicesinformational services support services

Name the four major health care services