Famous psychologists

Willhelm Wundt

Conducted first psychology experiments in first psych laboratoryStructuralistStream of consciousness

Edward Titchener

Student of Wilhelm Wundt; founder of Structuralist school of psychology.Free will is an illusion

William James

founder of functionalism; studied how humans use perception to function in our environment

Sigmund Freud

founder of psychoanalysis

James Watson

believed in behaviorism, and thought that the focus should be on what people do instead of what they experience, because behavior can be measured objectively by anybody

B.F. Skinner

Behaviorist that developed the theory of operant conditioning by training pigeons and rats

Ivan Pavlov

Classical conditioning:dogsBehaviorism

Carl Jung

PsychoanalysisCollective unconscious

Carl Rogers

Humanistic psychologist

Abraham Maslow

Humanistic psychologist known for his "Hierarchy of Needs" and the concept of "self-actualization


Learned helplessness and positive psychology