Activity and Exercise

List then describe five types of exercises

- muscle contraction without motion
- movement of joint during muscle contract
- specialized equipment, utilizes isometric and isotonic
- increase in HR and oxygen
- oxygen= main energy source
- cardio
ex: running

Discuss the importance of flexibility training, resistance training, and aerobic conditioning

flexibility training:
- increased ROM
- helps maintain posture
resistance training:
- strengthens bones/muscles
aerobic conditioning:
- trains the heart and lungs to become more efficient in pumping blood throughout the body

Explain risks associated with exercise

- cardiac/musculoskeletal injury
- dehydration
- heat exhaustion/stroke
- hypothermia

Benefits of Exercise

- boost alertness
- improve intellectual function
- reduces risk of health problems
- helps build healthy bones, muscles and joints

Teaching Older Adults about Activity and Exercise

- at least 30 mins of endurance activity everyday if possible
- incorporate resistance
- practice balance
- stretch

Sedentary Is The New Smoking

- risk of cancers
- risk of heart disease
- risk of obesity
- risk of Type 2 diabetes
- risk of developing depression