2019 ASVAB Practice Test Part III Paragraph Comprehension

1. The duty of the lighthouse keeper is to keep the light burning no matter what happens so that ships will be warned of the presence of dangerous rocks. If a shipwreck should occur near the lighthouse, even though they would like to aid in the rescue of its crew and passengers, the lighthouse keeper must...

Stay at his light.

2. In certain areas, the water is so scarce that every attempt is made to conserve it. For instance, on one oasis in the Sahara Desert, the amount of water necessary for each date palm is carefully determined. How much water is each tree given?

Exactly the amount required.

3. Twenty-five percent of all household burglaries can be attributed to unlocked windows or doors. Crime is the result of opportunity plus desire. to prevent crime, is it each individual's responsibility to...

Prevent the opportunity.

4. From building designer's standpoint, three things that a make a home livable are the client, the building site, and the amount of money the client has to spend. According to the passage, to make a home livable...

The design must fit the owner's income and site.

5. A business letter has six parts instead of five. The extra part is called the inside address. It is placed just above the salutation. The other five parts are just the same as for a friendly letter. What is the extra part of a business letter?

The inside address.

6. Use correct spellings, punctuation, capitalization, letter form, and paragraph. When you have finished, read your letter through and rewrite it if you are not satisfied with any part of it. When should you rewrite your letter?

If you are not satisfied with any part of it.

7. Mineral-rich Zaire is one of the world's most important source of uranium. It also is a source of copper, tin diamonds (mainly industrial), gold, cobalt, and zinc. Agriculture products include oil and kernels, cottonseed, robber, cotton lint, coffee, peanuts, sweet potatoes, and yams, and cassava. How many cotton products does Zaire produce?


8. The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state chosen by the legislature thereof, for six years; each Senator shall have one vote. immediately after they shall be divided as equally as may be into three classes. The seats of Senators of the first class shall be vacated at the expiration of the fourth year, and the third class at the expiration of the sixth year, so that one-third may be chosen every second year. The purpose of the three class is?

So that one third may be chosen every second year.