Module 5 quiz

A group of individuals of the same species living in a particular place is a(n)


An _____ contains groundwater that has collected in layers of rock, sand, and gravel.


An orca is an example of a

Tertiary consumer

An organism that consumes living plant-eating animals is a

Secondary consumer

The air we breathe is part of the lowermost layer of the atmosphere, which is called the


An example of a producer is

A photosynthetic bacterial species

Despite its low net primary productivity (NPP), the open ocean produces more of the earths biomass per year than any other ecosystem or life zone because

Of the enormous volume of the global ocean

Geographic information system (GIS) software allows scientists to

Capture, store, analyze, and display geographic data

Specialist species occupy

A narrow ecological niche

External agents such as radioactivity, ultraviolet radiation, and some chemicals are _______ when they cause mutations.


A common misconception about evolution is that humans evolved from _______, when they actually evolved from ________.

Apes or monkeys; a common ancestor shared with apes and monkeys

The earths variety of deserts, grasslands, forests, mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, and wetlands can be described as

Ecosystem diversity

Which characteristic must be true in order for a trait to be impacted by the forces of natural selection and then play a role in the process of biological evolution?

The trait must be genetically based

Sharks are important because

They are keystone species that preform important ecosystem services, such as removing sick and injured animals from the population

Deserts, tropical forests, prairie grasslands, and coniferous forests have distinct climates and certain species; they are all examples of


A trait that creates a specific advantage for some organisms in the struggle to survive

Enables individuals with the trait to leave more offspring than the other members of the population leave

The collective term for factors that act to limit the growth of population is

Environmental resistance

A relationship, in which one organism benefits by living on or in a member of another species, which is harmed by the interaction, best illustrates


A population crash is also known as

A dieback

Which term best describes the ability of a living system to be restored through secondary ecological succession after a severe disturbance?


In a certain population of rabbits, 25 new rabbits are born and five more move into the population from surrounding areas burning a single year. However, 10 rabbits die, and five leave the population during the same time frame. What is the population change for that year?


Hawks typically forage for their rodent prey species during the daytime. While owls may eat similar prey species, and live in the same area, they forage during the night. This is best described as an example of

resource partitioning

When an owl consumes a mouse, this is an example of


A population of deer suddenly decreases dramatically in number. This most likely occurred because

The population increased beyond its carrying capacity