Sports Med: Chapter 1

Which of the following descriptions is correct regarding an acute injury?

characterized by rapid onset resulting from a traumatic event

The "magnitude of a single force for which the anatomical structure of interest is damaged" is known as:

critical force

Which of the following descriptions is correct regarding a chronic injury?

characterized by a slow, insidious onset

Which of the following are considered intrinsic caused of overuse injury?

Lack of proper conditioning

Which of the following muscle contraction types has been identified as the MOST common causative factor in tendon injury?

Eccentric contraction

by definition, "soft tissue" structures include all but which of the following?


Which of the following descriptions is INCORRECT regarding catastrophic injury in the context of high school and collegiate sports?

Always results in death of the participant

Which of the following is correct regarding the term sprain?

This injury involves ligament tissue

Which of the following is correct regarding the term strain?

This injury involves tissues such as tendon, muscle, and the musculotendinous junction

Which of the following terms denotes the formation of a bone-like structure within muscle tissue, often related to severe contusion?

Myositis ossificans

Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding dislocations types of injury?

Is generally accepted as OK for coaching personnel to reduce a dislocation in the field without medical assistance

Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding a stress fracture?

stress fractures are easily diagnosed in the initial phase with a standard X-ray

Which of the following sports would be classified as non-contact?


The most recent data for basketball, soccer, baseball, and softball injuries indicates that which of the following statements is true?

The aggregate rate for boys' sports was higher than for girls

The most recent high school injury data indicates which of the following statements is true?

girls sustained more concussions and knee injuries while boys sustained more fractures and contusions in basketball

Which of the following are true in regards to the coach's role as a first responder?

All of the above

which of the following factors that increase the incidence of Little League elbow in youth baseball pitchers?

all of the above

A study of high school tackle football injuries by Ramirez and colleagues found that the highest rates of injury occurred during games.


Data clearly indicate that overall injuries to women are gender specific rather than sport specific


Injuries to Achilles Tendons are quite rare in sports such as track and field


Overhead strokes in sports such as tennis place significant stress on structures such as the rotator cuff


Contusions are the most frequent sports injury, regardless of sport


strains are injuries to ligaments, capsules, and cartilage


Crepitation involves a grating sensation within the limb, often associated with a fracture


Ankle injuries were found to be the most common sports injury for both sexes associated with basketball


Male basketball players sustain more knee injuries than their female counterparts


Throwing with a side-arm technique can reduce the risk of elbow injury in Little League


Baseball-related deaths have been reported as a result of players being struck in the chest by a ball


In interscholastic wrestling, the most common body areas involved in injuries are the shoulder/arm, knee, and forearm/wrist/hand.


In interscholastic girls' volleyball, knee injuries composed 11.1% of the injuries reported in the survey


Injuries are a consistent problem with sport participation


A Type V Salter-Harris fracture involves a crushing injury of the epiphysis without displacement


Spinal cord and brain injuries are not a major concern in tackle football


Epidemiology is the study of the distribution of disease or injury in the human population for the purpose of identifying and implementing measures to prevent the development or spread.


Based on sports epidemiology, sports regulatory organizations can implement strategies designed to reduce or eliminate the risk of sports injuries


The rate of ACL injury during a basketball games was 3 times higher for woman than men


The forces acting on the biceps brachii attachment were higher for the softball windmill pitch than those seen in the overhand throw


Impetigo, herpes, ringworm, tinea, MRSA are common skin infections in soccer


Improperly constructed, movable soccer goals have been involves in a number of severe injuries and deaths


List the three levels of sprains, Least severe ----> most severe

1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree