Social Studies Ch 5 China Part 2


type of money, common currency makes it easier for different regions to trade with one another

round coin with a square hole in the middle

in ancient china Shi Huangdi ordered a new currency to be used by all


leader of of armed local bands, gained power after emperor Wudi/Han Dynasty died 87 BC

Shi Huangdi

First Emperor" Unified China 221BC; strong and harsh ruler

Shi Huangdi 2

Built and underground clay-like army. Boasted his dynasty would last 10,000 generations

Zheng (juhng)

Ruler of the Qin Dynasty he became Shi Huangdi

Great Wall

1,400 miles long; Built by Shi Huangdi to protect his empire from enemies, particularly from the nomads on the Northern border

Liu Bang

rebel who helped overthrow Shi Huangdi and the Qin. First emperor who had been born a peasant.


Warrior Emperor" came to power when he was 14; ruled for more than 50 years

About how long did Qin dynasty last?

15 years; 221BC-210BC under Shi Huangdi

How did Shi Huangdi deal with people who opposed him?

He had many of them killed.

Which of the following was NOT done by Shi Huangdi?

He encouraged people to follow Confucianism so they would respect each other.

Which of the following is the Han dynasty known for?

Stable government.

Which emperor expanded Chinese rule to its peak during the Han dynasty?


Shi Huangdi

made farmers build roads so that he could crush rebellions by quickly sending in his armies

new dynasty rises
new dynasty rules
dynasty grows weak
dynasty falls
period of violence

strong local ruler defeats other
restores peace
doesn't do the hard work
local rulers fight for power

More Shi Huangdi

tried to control the thoughts of his people, outlawed Confucianism, burned books

Han Dynasty

202BC - 220AD (400 years)Liu Bang and his great-grandson Wudi.

Bronze work flourished during this dynasty.

Han Dynasty.

Confucianism flourished/civil service system introduced during this dynasty.

Han Dynasty.

Emperor whose main interest was war and military matters. Stretched area of Chinese rule.