Ch. 6

Which of the following clarify structure and show employees where they fit into a firm's operations?

organizational charts

Reporting relationships within the company shown on the organization chart as solid lines are defined as the ________.

chain of command

Grouping jobs into logical units is called ________.


In a ________ organization, most decision-making authority is held by upper-level managers.


The number of people managed by one supervisor is called the manager's ________.

span of control

________ is the assignment of a task, responsibility, or authority by a manager to a subordinate.


The power to make the decisions necessary to complete the task is ________.


________ is the obligation employees have to their manager for the successful completion of an assigned task.


Everyday social interactions among employees that transcend formal jobs and job interrelationships are called the ________.

informal organization

The informal organization ________.

can reinforce office politics that put the interests of individuals ahead of those of the firm

At Chaparral Steel, some employees transport scrap steel while others operate shredding equipment. This is an example of ________.


As a small organization grows, so does the need to ________.


Sears can calculate the profits it generates from appliances, home furnishings, and every other department in the store if it treats each department as a ______.

profit center

Firms having production, marketing, human resource, and finance departments are departmentalized according to ________.


At McDonald's, most advertising is handled at the corporate level, and any local advertising must be approved by a regional manager. McDonald's is an example of a(n) ________ organization.


The U.S. Army has a ________ organizational structure, with many organizational layers.


Which of the following factors affect the manager's span of control?

all of these

Which of the following best describes responsibility?

the duty to perform an assigned task

Groups of operating employees empowered to plan and organize their own work and to perform that work with a minimum of supervision are referred to as ________.

work teams

The form of organization used by most small to medium-sized firms is ________.


A ________ organization has little or no formal structure, with only a handful of permanent employees.


Rubbermaid has used ________ to create and maintain the innovation and flexibility of a small business environment within the large, bureaucratic structure.


Which of the following is an advantage of job specialization?

workers can develop expertise in their jobs

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, stated, "If you don't let managers make their own decisions, you're never going to be anything more than a one-person business." Welch was likely a proponent of ________ management.


In the delegation process, ________ follows ________.

granting authority; assigning responsibility

Which of the following are the "doers" and producers in a company?

line employees

Which of the following types of structure entails a second chain of command?


Global Research Consortium employs a ________ organizational structure, meaning it has little or no formal structure.