Ch. 9 Infertility


_____ is a serious medical concern that affects quality of life and is a problem for 10% to 15% of reproductive age couples

inability, prolonged

sterility means the _______ to conceive whereas infertility means a ______ time to conceive

uterine tubes

in vitro fertilization-embro transfer ( IVF-ET) is a common approach for women with blocked or absent ______ _______ or with unexplained infertility and for men with low sperm counts


ovarian stimulation using pharamacologic therapy results in multiple mature ova that are collected __________ then the ova are fertilized with sperm in vitro ( in a dish) for up to 6 days then transferred to the uterus

semen analysis

the basic test for male infertility is the _____ _______. semen is collected via ejaculation by masterbation after 2 to 3 days of abstinence, avoid exposure to severe heat or cold

postcoital test

is one method to test the adequacy of coital technique, cervical mucus, antis perm antibodies, sperm, number and quality, and degree of sperm penetration through cervical mucus

cervical mucus

a specimen of _ ____ is obtained several hours after ejaculation of sperm into the vagina, the quality of mucus and number of forward-moving sperm are noted.


the production of antibodies by a member of species that is commonly found in the same species. like when a woman produces antibodies for male sperm

1 ro 2

perform postcoital test _____ to __ days before ovulation


cervical mucus should have ____ viscosity and high spinnbarkeit

1.5, 5

you want semen volume to be _____ to ____ ml


semen pH should be __ or higher


sperm density should be great than __ million/ml


total sperm count greater than _____ million per ejaculate


_% of sperm should be motile in comparison to abnormal working sperm


sperm viscosity should be greater than ____ on a 0 to 4 scale

clomiphene citrate

_____ _________ is used for ovulation induction, treatment of luteal phase inadequacy causes more oocytes to mature


dosage of clomiphene citrate, tablets starting with 50 mg/day for 5 days beginning on 5th day of menses if ovulation does not occur may ___ dose next cycle

side effects of clomiphene citrate

vasomotor flushes, abdominal discomfort, nausea and vomiting, breast tenderness, ovarian enlargement

danazol, IM

_____ is a androgen that is used for the treatment of endometriosis, it is an ____ injection 1 day after last dose of menotropins, there may be local irritation at injection site, headaches, irritability, edema, depression fatigue, acne, edema, weight gai

water soluble

only _____ ______ lubricants should be used during intercourse because most contain spermicidal properties


agglutination in the PCT means that the women is having an _______ reaction to sperm


the use of condoms during genital intercourse for 6 to 12 months can reduce the amount of sperm ________ use condoms at all times except during ovulation

nonmedical to increase fertility

a well balanced diet, exercise, decreased alcohol intake, not smoking or abusing drugs and stress management


infertility treatment may be deferred until the BMI is less than 40 to 35 if older than 37