VW Orange unit 1


(n)A well known person; someone who is famous; fame
syn: fame ant: nobody


(n.) Opinions or idea given for plans of action; a talk that leads to a decision; a lawyer
syn: adivce, guidance
(v) to give advice or an opinion; to offer help
syn: adivse


(v.) to clearly explain, show or prove with examples, models, or experiments; to gather in public to support an opinion or cause
syn: to model, show


(Adj) ready to fall asleep, sleepy
syn: tired ant: alert


(adj) of the highest importance, necessary
(n) something necessary or very important
syn: vital ant: unnecessary


(n) something that causes suffering or difficulty; a condition that is hard to bear
syn: a burden


(v) to move by pulling, dragging, or carting, sometimes in a vehicle; to apply force to transport something
(n) the amount taken or worn at one time
syn: (v) carry , (n) catch


(adj.)Low in rank or position; plain, not proud or grand
(v) to take away one's spirit, power, fame, or independence
syn: (adj) modest (v) to shame or embarrass
ant: (adj) grand


(n) Something given as a sign of a promise, especially money meant for a good cause; sign of promise to fulfill an agreement
(v) to promise
syn: guarantee ant: to vow


(adj.) without pretending; with honesty and real feeling
syn: genuine ant: phony


(n) A sudden rush of animals or people, usually caused by fear
(v) to run away or cause to scatter in a wild manner, often in panic; to rush forward together as a crowd
syn: (v) charge


(adj) just right for a certain purpose, appropriate, well matched, syn: proper, fitting ant: inappropriate, improper