Confusion and Dementia

Cognitive Function

Relates to knowledge or intellect, includes memory, thinking, reasoning, ability to understand, judgement and behavior


Loss of cognitive function and social function, not a normal part of aging


State of temporary but acute mental confusion, has a sudden onset and can signal a physical illness

Mild stage of Alzheimer's Disease

Forgetful, problem finding words, poor judgement

Moderate stage of Alzheimer's Disease

Restlessness, may not know family and friends, needs help with ADLs, may lose impulse control

Severe stage of Alzheimer's Disease

Unable to speak, doesn't recognize self or family, may not be able to swallow, disoriented X3


Dementia signs, symptoms, and behavior worsen during hours of darkness

Catastrophic reaction

when a person with AD overreacts to something

Alzheimer's Disease

a progressive and irreversible brain disorder characterized by gradual deterioration of memory, reasoning, language, and, finally, physical functioning