SS Civil War - Lesson 2 (Chan/Paw)

Compromise of 1850 proposed by _____________.

Henry Clay

Califronia admitted as a ___________.

Free State

Slave trade banned in _____________.

Washington DC

________________ would decide slavery in the rest of the Mexican Cession.

Popular sovereignty

Southeners got a though new _______________.

Fugitive Slave Law

Goverment officials may arrest any person accused of being a ___________________ by any white person.

Runway Slave

Suspects had no right to a _______.


______________ were required to help authorities capture accused runway slaves if asked.

Northern citizens

Most ____________ part of the Compromise of 1850.


Thousands of northern African Americans fled to ___________.


Slavery in the new Kansas and Nebraska territories was to be decided by ___________________________.

popular sovereignty (people chose)

undid the

Missouri Compromise?

Which Act reopened the issue of slavery in territories?


_________ outraged.


Both proslavery and antislavery settlers flooded Kansas ans wanted to hold the ____________ in the territory.


Thousands of Missourians entered Kansas ilegally to select a _____________________.

territorial Legislature

Anti-slavery settlers held a second _________.


Kansas now had two _____________.


Violence broke out and earned Kansas the name ______________________.

Bleeding Kansas