Psychology test 9

If you were asked to think of all the different ways to use an empty egg carton, everyday uses would be retrieved as ________ images, while more original uses would be generated through ________ images.

stored; created

An advertisement states that job applicants must have a B.S. degree in chemistry and three letters of recommendation. This illustrates a:

conjunctive concept

When Paul's friend offered to set him up on a date with Edie, he agreed until he found out she was a psychologist. He told his friend "No way, I don't want to date a crazy person; all psychologists are crazy." Paul's statement about Edie best reflects:

a connotative meaning of "psychologist.

Two children are in a grocery store and hear an adult refer to the huge apples in the display as "eating apples." The older child understands that these "apples would be good for eating, rather than cooking," while the younger child is distancing herself from the display, hoping not to be the "apple's next meal." This situation illustrates a ________ difference in understanding the phrase "eating apples.


A student takes a multiple-choice test by reading the stem of each item, looking for key words, and generating a tentative response before looking at the responses. This helps the student narrow down the possible answers. This student is using:

a heuristic

The textbook problem of how many socks to take out of a drawer to get a matched pair when the drawer contains a four to five mixture of white and black socks requires the reader to realize that the four to five mixture is irrelevant information and that only relevant information is that there are two colors of socks. Getting the correct answer of three socks requires the reader to first use which of Sternberg and Davidson's insight abilities?

selective encoding

In tests of creativity, ________ is indicated by the total number of solutions, while ________ is indicated by the number of different types of solutions produced.

fluency; flexibility

Which stage of creative thought involves the "Aha!" experience and is often depicted in cartoons as a light bulb appearing over the thinker's head as the solution to the problem occurs?


You are on a jury. The defendant is a well-dressed petite young lady. She just does not fit your idea of a murderer. It will be important for you to listen to the evidence presented rather than succumb to:

the representativeness heuristic.

Alfred Binet is best known for:

developing the first useful individual test of intelligence.

Billy has a mental age of eight and a chronological age of ten. Billy's IQ is:


Early signs of giftedness include:

seeking out older children and adults.

A(n) ________ intellectual disability may result from damage due to teratogens, a lack of oxygen at birth, or defective genes.


Language, music, bodily-kinesthetic, and naturalist are four of the components of:

intelligence, according to Gardner.

Regarding culture, race, and IQ scores, which of the following statements is TRUE?

What psychologist Robert Sternberg calls practical intelligence may be seen by minority cultures as more important than analytic intelligence.