Describe the process of meiosis in the gonads

Meiosis is the nuclear division in the gonads in which the no. of chromosomes is halved (2n-->n)
-Two consecutive rounds of cell division take place (meiosis I and II) following one round of chromosomal replication
-When fertilization occurs, the normal d

What are the differences between meiosis and mitosis?

-Sister chromatids separate during anaphase
-Produces 2 genetically identical daughter cells
-The daughter cells are diploid like the parent cell
-Homologous chromosomes separate during anaphase I, and the sister chromatids separate duri

What are the events that occur during spermatogenesis?

-Spermatogonia - stem cells
1. Mitosis produces-
--Stem cell (type A cell)
--Future cell (type B cell)
2. Meiosis I occurs-
--Primary spermatocyte (2n)--> 2 secondary spermatocytes (2n)
3. Meiosis II occurs-
--Each secondary spermatocyte 2n)--> two sperma

Detail the structure of the sperm

A sperm has 3 primary regions-
1. Head - genetic region; nucleaus and helmet like acrosome containing hydrolytic enzyme that enable the sperm to penetrate the egg
2. Midpiece - metabolic region, mitochondria
3. Tail - locomotor region, flagellum

Describe the regulation of spermatogenesis

1. LH-->Leydig cells (stimulates them to produce testosterone)
2. FSH--> stimulates spermatogenesis by acting on Sertoli cells
3. Sertoli cells produce inhibin during spermatogenesis; it has local actions (on Sertoli cells- keeping them optimal) and on an