Adv. World Geo. 3rd 9 weeks

The indian subcontinent includes india and all of the following countries except

myanmar and thailand.

Which of the following is an accurate statement about the government of india since 1947?

although there has been a great deal of ethnic unrest in the country, India remains the worlds largest democracy.

Most of the people in South Asia make their living from


Hinduism is the dominant religion in which of the following South Asian countries?


Which of the following is an accurate statement about the history of South Asia?

Buddhism was founded in India.

Which of the following is an accurate statement about Nepal?

It is almost entirely mountainous.

A desert scrub ecosystem is found in all of the following south asian countries except


One of the greatest challenges facing South Asia is

growing enough food to feed its population.

Why did east and west pakistan split into two different countries?

East Pakistanis were angered that political and economic power was concentrated in West Pakistan.

Nepal and Bhutan are similar in which of the following ways?

They are both home to the highest mountains in the world.

All of the following statements describe rural life in India except:

Most villages do not have electricity or access to television.

Which of the following is an accurate statement about Mohandas Gandhi?

He trained to be a lawyer in England before returning to his country to fight for its independence from England.

The Indus River is important to Pakistan because the river

provides water for irrigation.

Afghanistan was particularly troubled during the 1980s for which of the following reasons?

Soviet forces were sent in to help the government contain a revolt.

In order to raise the country's standard of living, the Indian government has

encouraged the development of the computer industry.

Which of the following is an accurate statement about Mohandas Gandhi's background?

Although Gandhi studied in England and was influenced by Western ideas, he rejected the way the British ruled India.

Most of the people in India live in

small, rural villages.

East Pakistanis felt discriminated against by West Pakistanis for all of the following reasons except that

East Pakistanis were forced to abandon their Bengali language and literary tradition.

After gaining independence, millions of the subcontinent's Hindus moved to India and many Muslims moved to Pakistan because

each group wanted to move to a country where its religion was the majority religion.

Which of the following is an accurate statement about the caste system in India today?

Although applied less rigidly in professional circles, it still affects social relationships.

Bangladesh can be accurately described as a country that

suffers from poverty, overpopulation, and natural disasters.

The physical geography of Nepal and Bhutan consists of

elevations ranging from 600 feet to more than 20,000 feet.

the Himalayas and the Plateau of tibet were created by

the collision of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates.

Which of the following belief systems originated in China?

Confucianism and Daoism.

The waters surrounding Japan and the nearby ocean currents help to make Japan's climate mostly

humid subtropical.

Countries with highly industrialized economies include Japan, South Korea, and


Raising livestock is an important economic activity in which of the following countries?


Which of the following ecosystems dominates most of Mongolia?

Temperate grassland.

Although China is a larger country, Japan, Australia, and Thailand each have more

cars per 1,000 people.

The Ring of Fire is a line of volcanic and earthquake-related activity that

encircles the Pacific Oceans.

The climate of the Southeast Asian islands on and around the equator is

tropical wet.

Deciduous forests are found which two of the following countries?

China North Korea.

Which of the following religions is not practiced by large numbers of people in China?


Australia's landscape includes all of the following except

fjords that cut deep into its southern coastline.

Which of the following is an accurate description of the economic diversity of East Asia and the Pacific world?

The region is a mix of modern industry and agriculture as well as areas with subsistence famers and nomadic herders.

Which of the following islands is split into two separate countries?

New Guinea.

Although Japan is a much smaller nation that China, it has almost the same number of

miles of highway.

What was the Nationalists' attitude toward reform in China?

They disliked foreign interference but were influenced by western ideas.

How did Deng's Four Modernizations program greatly increase China's farm production?

by giving farmers an opportunity to make more money through the contract responsibility system.

Why is the Huang He known as both the Yellow River and "China's Sorrow"?

The river contains large amounts of loess, a fine, yellowish soil, and has also created deadly floods in the Huang He Valley.

What is unusual about the written form of the Chinese language?

The written characters are non-phonetic and f[give no clues to pronunciation.

Which of the following did not help spur the growth of Taiwan's economy?

The United Nations recognized Beijing as China's legal seat of government.

Which of the following is an accurate statement about the relationship between Hong Kong and Mainland China after 1997?

Hong Kong became part of China although it is allowed to maintain some political and economic independence.

Why is the Yangzi River important to China's economy?

The Yangzi links the port city of Shanghai to interior cities.

What change took place in China;s southwest region after the communists came to power?

The leader of the religion practiced in the region went into exile.

Which of the following is an accurate description of life in Mongolia in recent years?

The majority of the population now lives in urban areas.

Japan experiences many earthquakes because the islands

are part of the ring of fire, a region of tremendous tectonic activity.

Japan's climates are influenced by all of the following except

its location on a large continent.

the goal of Japan's revolutionary Meiji reforms was to

modernize and industrial couldize the country so that japan could deal with the West on an equal basis.

The 3 year Korean War, which ended in 1953, resulted in the

separation of the peninsula into a communist south and democratic north.

North Korea's physical landscape is dominated by


All of the following statements about the climates on the Korean Peninsula are true except:

South Korea has a mostly continental climate.

The aspect of Korean culture that is not heavily influenced by Chinese culture is their

practice of daoism.

Much of Japan has a long growing season because of

a warming ocean current.

Most of the people of Japan live

on a narrow coastal plain on the island of Honshu.

The ancient Shinto religion continues to influence japan most directly in which of the following ways?

the love of nature is evident throughout the country.

All of the following are results of the Meiji reforms except the

institution of a Japanese caste system.

All of the following factors contributed to Japan's rapid economic growth after World War II except

the government's hands-off policy toward business.

What factor made Southeast Asia one of the world's great geographic crossroads?

Relative Location.

What major activity brought the influences of Hinduism, buddhism, and Islam to the cultures of Southeast Asia?


Which statement about the European colonization of Southeast Asia is not true?

Europeans planted vast areas of forest on farmland to create a lumber industry.

What makes Thailand unique among the countries of Southeast Asia?

It is the only country that was not colonized by Europeans.

Which of the following statements about the history of Vietnam is not true?

In 1954, the Geneva peace conference established all of Vietnam as an independent state under Ho Chi Minh.

Which of the following did not contribute to a sense of national unity among the people of the Philippines?

a communist ideology.

In contrast with Singapore, it can be inferred that Papua New Guinea is

more ethnically diverse.

what inference can you draw from the political boundaries that were created by the European countries that colonized southeast Asia?

the Europeans had little regard for the existing ethnic boundaries and drew up boundaries for their own profit.

National unity in the Philippines has been achieved largely because

of Western cultural influences and a shared asian heritage.

Why did the chinese have little impact on the cultures of Southeast Asia?

the chinese did not want to spread their culture to people they considered inferior.

How were the traditional southeast Asian farmers affected by European colonization?

Unable to compete with large landowners, they were forced to leave their land and work on the plantations.

Why has the economy of Myanmar developed much more slowly than the economies of most other Southeast Asian countries?

Ethnic unrest and a repressive government have kept the economy from developing.

Which of the following is not a reason that Thailand has been able to build one of the most successful economies in Southeast Asia?

thailand uses its oil wealth to finance modernization.

Which of the following statements about Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia is not true?

all 3 countries have a majority population belonging to the Khmer ethnic group.

What is significant about Singapore's location with regard to its economy?

Singapore is located on an important trade route between Europe and East Asia.

Which of the following is not true of Papua New Guinea?

the country has a sophisticated transportation system.

Which of the following is an accurate statement about the similarities and differences between Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia?

While all three countries have tried to attract foreign investors in recent years, Vietnam has been the most successful in remaking its economy.