Age of Jackson

jacksonain democracy

to allow more people to be involved in democracy and ensure majority rule

self-made man

someone who rises out of poverty by their own efforts

common man

a regular joe, average man

popular vote

the total of all votes cast

spoils system

the practice of winning candidates giving government jobs political supporters

rotation in office

when a new group of government job holders as a result of a change of presidency

protective tariff

a tax on imports in order to protect the american industry-manufacturing

nullification crisis

when states claimed that they could nullify a federal law with which they did not agree

nation bank

bank of the US


the placing the interests of ones own region or section of the country over the nation as a whole


the feeling of pride and loyalty toward ones country

special interest

a person, group or organization attempting to influence legislators in favor of ones particular interest


to cancel or end


to withdraw or break away


to add usually through treaty


the right to vote