FAD 4936 Chapter 10

The nature of the elderly and how they live in their homes and in their communities

� Provides comfort, safety, community, memory, and connection to family for the elderly people living on a fixed income and those becoming frail. Structure and environmental context of housing are both important.
� Majority (67%) of non-institutionalized

Research found by the National Older Adults Housing Survey

�The older the person, the more interested they are in having features in their home that increase accessibility (one story, wide hallways, large bathroom, grab bars and curb-less showers)
� Most respondents had not made specific plans for where they woul

Where do the elderly live in the United States?

� Active adult community: large residential developments for adults 55+ that include recreational programs and home ownership
� Assisted living or residential care apartments: independent apartments that include supportive services such as meals, services

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (1996).

� Designed to force people to work because of the underlying assumption that poverty and homelessness is an individual responsibility that can be addressed by getting a job.
� Accompanied by cuts in social programs creating holes in safety nets for chroni

Places that elderly migrate when they get older.

� Smaller houses
� Most older people don't move until it is absolutely necessary that they do so.
� Retirement communities that advertise the "golden age lifestyle"
� Places where they can pursue leisure
� Long distant moves occur among 5% of those over 6

AARP study about common reasons older people relocate.

Most common reason people relocate is that they want to be closer to family and can no longer afford current housing, desire more appropriate housing or they are moving to a retirement area/ community.

What is Section 8 housing?

Federally subsidized rental assistance for income eligible seniors and people with disabilities.

What is a surveillance zone?

Visual field outside the home that one can view from the windows or glass doors inside. Provides an important source of identity and participation in one's environment.

Percent of older people living in their own homes.

65% of older people have lived in their homes for 20 years of more.

What is meant by "Amenity relocation?

Moving into age restricted community for one's retirement pleasure

Migration studies, Sunbirds, Snowbelt seniors

� People migrate because they can longer live where they are
� Those living in Rural areas migrate to suburban areas because of declining health
� Snowbirds are those that live in the North fir several months during the summer, the migrate south for the w

What is meant by "Aging in Place?" popular phrase reflecting people's general preference to stay in their own home for as long as possible despite increasing frailty and associated problems.

Some programs help people stay in there own home by making daily calls and visits.

What is a naturally occurring retirement community (NORC)

Informal retirement communities where residents have aged together.

Reasons for elderly downsizing

� Form of aging in place
� People can move to smaller homes such as condominiums, mobile homes, and apartments in the same town or general area that they have always lived. Full-timing is living in RVs year round
� Downsize because upkeep is easier, taxes

What is meant by Life Care at Home (LCH)?

Insurance policies that cover medical and personal costs for older person who wishes to stay at home. It involves a large initial entrance fee, a monthly fee, and at least a one-year contract.

What is a "granny unit?

� An accessory apartment that is an independent unit contained within a single family home, generally with an outside entrance. Often attached to the home of adult child. Granny units can also be installed in backyards. It gives the older person some priv

What is meant by "shared housing?

� Involves some type of group living that usually houses several elders and is runn by specialists in aging.
� Can also involve renting a room in one's house to another person and sharing rooms like the kitchen and living areas.

What is "Sun City and where is it located?

� Located in Arizona
� It was the the original model Retirement City that had a population of 46,000 with a minimum age of 50. It is a large complex with many activities for older people.

The provisions associated with assisted living.

� Is an alternative to Nursing Home that offers community based living facilities (houses and apartments) with supportive care that assists in ADLs.
� Maximizes elder's independence, privacy and options. It often has dining rooms as well as the resident's

What are Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)?

� Represents an upscale form of congregate housing that requires a strong commitment on the part of the resident. Also known as life care communities that require a large entrance fee (50,000-1,000,000) with monthly fees from $500-$5000) and a year long c

Characteristics of nursing home patients pg .280-283 (if there are 2 or more caregivers in a household there is a good chance they won't have to go to a nursing home)

� Typical nursing home patient is female, white, widowed and over 80.
� Most come from another institution (usually the hospital) rather than own homes.
� Most have chronic, physical or mental impairments that usually require assistance with ADLs
� Most d

Empirical evidence of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA) and nursing homes.

� Nursing home industries have become highly regulated and increased focus on strengthening resident's rights.
� Requirements include written care plans, mandated nursing assistant training, and certified social workers to upgrade quality of patient's ser