keybording and applications computer hardware unit 1 Current Business Technology


Computer Aided Design, or the use of software to aid in technical drawings and models

computer network

a group of computers that are interconnected in order to share information or documents


information processed or stored by the computer


software that organizes a collection of data

diagramming software

software used to draw a diagram or flow chart


electronic mail, or a method used to write, send, receive, and store written communication

fax machine

technology used to transfer copies of documents over the telephone network


Global Positioning System, or a receiver that transmits precise information about location, direction, local time, and speed through a system of satellites

image-editing software

also known as graphics software, this software enables a person to change or create visual images on a computer


a Portable Document Format used to send documents electronically

presentation software

software that allows you to create slide-show presentations.

Presentation software allows users to _____.

create a slide show

CAD helps professionals to __

create a technical drawing

Image-editing software is used to_____.

enhance a photograph

A database is used to _____.

organize a large collection of information

Ally typed a business letter. She most likely used a _____.

word processor