EDU 300 Quiz 2


Psychological theory of behavior modification. Typically use multiple choice tests to test student knowledge. Teacher oriented not student. Developed by B.F. Skinner
1.) clear objectives
2.) establish learning environments
3.) monitor and give feedback


Process of integration to help students to internalize new information that is integrated into their prexisting knowledge base. Students need to be actively engaged. Student oriented not teacher.


American philosophy of critical knowledge that everyone should have. Teach the youth the essentials for them to live


Education is critical because it develops a persons mental discipline and rationality. The Great Books should be taught to enforce these ideals. Emphasis on classical literature and subject matter.


the love of wisdom


Knowledge is ever changing and in flux. "The mind is a marvelous mechansim for problem solving." Focuses on "how to think" not "what to think


aka naturalism,Children's interests and curiosity drive their learning. Children should learn what interests them

John Dewey

denounced public school system in the 18th century believed schools should teach students how to think. Believed the old curriculum was unsuited for the indstrialized US.

Perrenliasm vs Essentialism

P: Classical Thought, Western thought, Great Books, particular emphasis on literature on humanities, insight into the human condition, teacher-directed instruction, Socratic dialogue
E: American philsophy essential idea, from observation use reasoning to

Romanticism and Progressivism

R: student centered approach, children interests and curiosity should drive their learning, do not advocate a curriculum, learning is self-directed
P: learning is in flux, constantly changing. People are naturally exploring, no special knowledge, "learn b

bilingual education

focus on literacy in 2 languages, build and preserve native language skills

cultural pluralism

understanding and appreciation of the cultural differences and language among US citizens. Goal to create a sense of society


lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered. 9 out of 10 experience harrasment. Title IX

Choice Theory

understnading needs within ourselves allow us to make concscious decisions in personal empowerment. Cooperative learning.

English Language Learners (ELLS)

students whose first language isn't English. Prop 227 all students to be taught in special English-immersion programs


for gifted students. Provide students with the ability to go above and beyond. Develop problem solving skills.


education of child to the maximum lvl possible.


Individualized education program, identify long and short range goals of an individual.


Individualized Family Service Plan, early intervention for children from birth to age 2 who are developmentally delayed

learning styles

approach to individual ability and learning differences, visual, auditory,kinesthetic, and tactile


Least restrictive environment, students with disabilities should be educated with students without disabilities.


limited english proficiency


placing special needs students in general ed. classes for at least part of the day

Multiple intelligences

verbal, logical, spatial, bodily, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist


Response to Intervention, catch struglling children early to prevent them from going to special needs classes. A tiered system Tier 1 least sever, Tier 3 students recieve extra help

Special Education

students who need special services due to disabilities.

Bilingual education controversies 64-65

Civil rights and native speakers believe children should be educated in their native language. Critics argue the best way is for them to only be taught in english. Prop 227 passed in CA students who are ELL are tuahgt in special classes for no more than a

Gardner's multiple intelligences (pg 66-67, 69)

verbal, logical, spatial, bodily, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist

STEM & gender gap (pg 85-87)

Scient technology engineering and math. Women are not exposed to career oppurtunities in the STEM field in middle and senior high school. Women look for careers that take into consideration family life.

multicultural education & culturally responsive teaching (pg 59-62)

Human Relations, Single-group studies, multicultural approaches, multicultural social justing, teaching the exceptional and culturally different.