Social Studies WWI questions

Explain 3 tensions of Europe pre-WWI.
Give an example of each.

Militarism, imperialism, and nationalism

What was the trigger that began the War?
What year was this?

On June 1914, Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary. was shot and killed by a Serb nationalist.

Explain the Alliances that were made.

central alliances vs Allied powers

Who were the Central Powers?

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey

Who were the Allied Powers?

Britain and the British Empire, France,Belgium, USA, and Russia

Explain the Eastern and Western Fronts.

E-Germany/Russia in Russia W-Germany/France/USA along North Sea

Explain at least 4 new technologies of this war. Their effects?

Machine Guns, tanks(got rid of trench warfare), poison gas, tracer bullets, barbed wire, U-boats, convoys

What were at least 4 ways by which the US prepped for the War?

Rationed food, selling liberty bonds, espionage acts, raised taxes, selective service act, victory gardens, CPI

How did these preps affect the US Home-front?

Factories booming, training for war, new minority job opportunity, but German Americans were looked down upon.

What were President Wilson's feelings toward this war in Europe? Explain.

He wants to stay put of it as much as possible. He does cut off German diplomacy, though.

What finally brought the US into the War? When? Explain why.

A telegraph was sent (Zimmerman) about a German American Alliance, and US gets nervous. Declares war on Germany in 1914 because he thinks they are a threat being do close to his homeland.

What was the state of the War when the US entered?
Explain at least 2 reasons for this?

The US wanted their men trained(Pershing did) the war had been going since 1914 and it was 1919 he waited in order to build a stronger army.

How did the Russian Revolution affect the course of the War?

Russia backs out of the war

When did the War officially end?
What were the terms of this armistice?

Germany Surrenders - 11-11-11-11 they all stop fighting Germany has to destroy all of it's military except the U-boats.

Explain at least 2 effects of the War on Europe.

Huge financial loss in war effort(loans to other countries,etc.) cities destroyed. Huge human loss. Thousands of men are dead

What was the Treaty of Versailles? What were at least 3 terms of this treaty?

It is a treaty that insured peace and ended the war officially. France, U.S., Italy. No central powers present. 1.Germany has to accept blame for the war. 2.Germany will make reparations to all countries. 3.Germany will give up land that was taken. 4. Ger

Who were the Big Four?

US, France, Italy ,Britan

Why did the US not approve this treaty? (The Treaty of Versailles)
What did the US sign instead?

Congress does not like the league of nations. The us signed separate treaties instead. Austria Hungry became 2 countries

What were Wilson's "Fourteen Points"?
Name at least 7 of them.

1. Limited trade 2. talks about all 4(imperialism, etc) 3.limit militaries 4.people decide government 5.leauge of nations more imperialism secret allience