staff Food Safety Training

Training need

Gap between what staff are required to know to do their jobs and what they actually know. there are several ways to identify food safety training need, including observing job performance, testing food safety knowledge, and surveying staff to identify areas of weakness.

Critical Food Safety Knowledge

You cannot assume new hires will understand your operation's food safety procedures without training. They should begin learning about the importance of food safety on their first day.


Staff need to be periodically retained in food safety. You can do this by scheduling short training session, Planning meeting update them on new procedures, or holding motivational session that reinforce food safety practice.

Good Personal hygiene

How and when to wash handswhere to wash handsOther hand care guidelines including fingernail length, nail polish, covering woundsProper work attireReporting illness

Controlling Time and Temperature

TCS foodhow to measure the temperature of foodHolding and storing TCS Foodhow to label foods for storageTemperature requirements when thawing, cooking, cooling, and reheating food.

Preventing Cross contamination

Preventing cross contamination of food during storage, preparation, and servicepreventing cross contamination when storing utensils and equipmentWhat to do if cross contamination happensWhat to do for people who have food allergies

Cleaning and sanitizing

How and when to clean and sanitizethe correct wat to wash dishes in a three compartment sink and in a dishwasherhow to handle cleaning tools and supplieshandling garbagespotting pests

Ways to training

On the job training (OJT)Classroom tainingGamesRole playDemonstrations Jigsaw design Technology based training.