unit 8 Vocabulary


(adj) not skillful or graceful; hard to handle; embarrassing
When you first learn to dance, your movements may be __________.


(v) to make fhort, sharp sounds by rattling or banfing together; to speak or move with confused, noisy sound
The old trains _______clatter as they move soen the tracks.
(n) a hard, rattling sound; busy excitement; noisy chattering The ______of machines in


(adj) showy in appearance; splendid; brave or full of spirit, showing courtesy; very attentive.
We saw the parade of ________ sailing ships.
(n) a fashionable young gentleman; a suitor
The heroine of the novel was courted by a wealthy gallant.


(adj) only moderarely warm, not hot but not cold; without enthusiam.
A dull speech is likely to get ___________ applause.


(adj) in great supply, easily available; more than enough.
Flowers are _________ in springtime.


(n) a protion of food allowed for one meal or one day; food or supplies; a share.
A soup kitchen provides ________ to the poor.
(v) to pass out in limited protions; to limit the use of
When water is scarce, people must __________ it.


(v) to hold back or set aside; to save for future use
Please ________ a seat for me.
(n) something set aside for a certain purpose; something stored for later use
We watched the squirrel dig up its _________ of nuts.


(n) a learned person; an expert in a field of study; someone who studies with a teacher; a student who gets a gift of money to pay for education.
The book was written by a respected ___________.


(v) to burn slowly, with smoke but no flame; to exist in a suppressed state; to show suppressed feelings
A person may _______ with rage but say nothing.


(v) to walk or march slowly and with difficulty or tiredness
At the end of a long day, workers ________ home.
(n) a long, tiring walk
If I miss the bus, it's a two-mile __________ to school.


(n) a person who chooses to join or to do a service; someone who gives time or effort without pay.
_________ are needed at the children's hospital.
(v) to offer one's services; to do or say freely
Who wil ___________ to set the dinner table?


(adj) feeling tired, worn out; having no more patience
When I have to do a boring task, I become __________.
(v) to make tired; to grow tired
A dull speech may _________ an audience.