Section 11.3 - Linked & Sex-Linked Genes

the location of a gene

The diagram represents the chromosome from a fruit fly. The shaded region on the chromosome represents what?
- the location of a gene
- a homologue
- a sex-linked disease
- multiple alleles

The genes for eye color and wing color are close together on the same chromosome.

A fictitious creature can have green eyes or blue eyes, red wings, or white wings. Green eyes and red wings seem to be inherited together in both male and females. What is the MOST likely explanation for this inheritance pattern?
- The genes for green eye

It is a sex-linked gene

Why are there more human males with color blindness than there are color blind human females?
- It is an inherited gene
- It is a dominant gene
- It is a recessive gene
- It is a sex-linked gene

sex chromosomes

What are the chromosomes that determine gender in humans called?
- autosomes
- homolosomes
- gendosomes
- sex chromosomes

All daughters would carry at least one gene for hemophilia but would not necessarily have the disorder.

Which of the following would be true of all daughters born to a man with hemophilia, regardless of who the mother is?
- None of the daughters would have hemophilia nor would they carry the gene for hemophilia
- All daughters would have hemophilia
- All da

There is a 50% chance that each son will have the disorder

Muscular dystrophy is an X-linked disorder that causes progressive weakening of skeletal muscles. It is usually passed from a mother to a son. A mother who is a carrier for this disorder (XX') marries a man who is normal (XY).
Which of the following is a