Bacterial Pathogen Lab

Bacillus Anthracites

- Infects Lungs
- causes anthrax
- gram positive rods with spores
- 3-5mm length

Vibro Cholerae

-In the stool
- causes Cholera (severe diarrhea)
- Gram negative rods with spores (curved rods)

Shiquella Dyseateriae

- Infects digestive system
- causes baillary dysentary
- gram negative bacillus

Klebsiella Pnemoniae

- Infects lungs
- causes pneumonia
- Gram negative bacillus

Yersinia Pestis

- Infects skin
- Causes bubonic plague
- Gram negative rods

Coryne Bacterium Diptheriae

- Infects a 3 yr old throat coated with membrane
- causes diptheria
- Gram positive rods