Herm. Quiz# 5

Does the Bible have different levels of meaning?



assuming that events or factors have their real application in some religious truth beyond what they actually say

In our zeal for "superspiritual" meaning we ofter miss what?

we often miss completely the message God has intended for — in essence substituing our word for his

Literary meaning

Refers to the meaning the authors have placed in the text

What is the true dichotomy between?

the dichotomy is between the meaning the authors intended and the meaning a reader dreams up and projects in the text

What another dichotomy the book mentions?

between literal meaning and spiritual mean

What question do the authors ask about literary meaning and fanciful imaginaiton?

Will we seek the literary meaning intended by the authors and inspired by the Spirit or the meaning created in our own fanciful imagination?

Contemporary evangelical scholarship has tried to _________ the church against using faciful allegorical interpretations that are often based more on imaginaiton than on the text itself.


What are of the systems of interpretation developed that acknowledged a "literal" meaing of the text, but then encouraged the to look further?

Two-level system (literal and spiritual) and Multileveled systems— either three (correspoding to body, soul, and spirit) or four ( literal, allegorical, moral, and anagogical.)


is a story that uses an extensive amount of symbolism and is found in the bible; most or many of the details in the story represent something or carry some specific nuance of meaning

What is the Latin for "fuller sense"?

sensus plenior

Allegorical interpretation as an interpretive method is quite different from _____ and it can mis lead us completely if we use it to interpret a nonallegorical text.


Much about the ___________ has New Testament parallels, but this does not give us the license to make imaginative connections between Christ and every minute detail of the ____________.


You can find similarities between anything in the Bible but that doesn't mean ___________________________________________. They are just similarities that deminstrated the power and control has over every detail of time and event.

it has some deep spiritual meaning

What is a good reference work to check when studying symbolic words is?

Dictionary of Biblical Imagery, by Ryken Wilhoit and Longman

Allegorical interpretation of symbols tend to depend on what?

imaginative theological connections to the New Testament without paying attention to what the symbol might have meant to the biblical audience

What did the blue meaning to the Old Testament readers?

a boundary that normally separates humanity from the divine

Avoid the temptation to what?


What should you use to stay on track?

Use the interpretive Journery

What two categories do the numerous lefitimate connections between Christ and the Old Testament Fall into?

Prophecy and Typology


passage in the Old Testament that describe things that point to or foreshadow what Christ ultimaetely fulfills and for it to be considered "true" foreshadowing you need it to be identified in the New Testament

In Typology it is critical that this prophetic meaning be what?

the one that was intended by the divine Author.


a biblical event, person or institution which serves as an example or pattern for other events, persons or institutions

Typoloy is part of the ________—________ scheem that connects the ______ __________ together.

promised-filfillment; two Testaments

What are Bible codes and What are they used for?

Bible codes are for finding deep mistycal meanings hinded in the text that only mathical schemes can find.

Michael Drosnin wrote

The Bible Code which was a work that claimed that there was a special letter sequence code hidden in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament that could now be unlocked with the use of computers which he called Equidistant Letter Sequencing ( ELS)


an older hebrew bible code in which letters in certian words are analyzed for their mathematical value and then equated with other words that have the same value.

In which Bible code are all space between the words ignored and the computer thus generates a long, consecutive letter?


Which one of the Bible codes is at least plausible


Which one of the Bible codes smacks of the current cultural infatuation with computers and technology and postmodern desire for mysticism?


What two things do Michael Drosnin's ELS ingorne?

probability nad textual variaiton

There is one level of meaning—

the one tied to the historical-cultural and literary contexts and includes its meaning for the biblical audience and the theological principles behind the meaning

Typology is not

something we are able to to find or create through our own cleverness

Keep your search for meaing within the __________ and _________ contexts of your passage.

historical and literary contexts

Search for the meaning of the divine/human author instead of what?

the creative fantasises of human speculaiton.

We want to find spiritual meaning, but we want you to find the spirtual emaning that lies _____________ _____ _______, not the meaning that people have projected back into the text.

within the text

A passage such as Genesis 22 may perhaps be an --------- to this rule, but the --------- are few.