the question of chapter 2 :

as disciples of Jesus Christ, what are we called to do ?

we are called to chose actions that show our love to God

what gift has God given us that helps us make decision ?


describe how our conscience is at work before, during, and after we make a mortal decision :

before we make decision, helping us to know what is good and to consider the results of our possible choices during the decision making progress, bringing the feeling of peace or discomfort, depending on the choices we are makingafter we have made decision , enabling us to judge as good or evil the decisions that we have made and to accept responsibility for our choices

why is our conscience called our moral compass ?

our conscience is called our moral compass cause is directing us in our moral decision-making

what does it means to have a well - formed conscience ?

a conscience that is educated so that it is able to recognize what is good and then direct us to act on that good

describe the sources that help to form our conscience ?

seek the guidance of God's word in scriptureto listen to the teachings of the pope and bishopsto pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit

how does God continue to show his mercy, his love, and his forgiveness ?

through a special sacrament of healing that Jesus Christ gave to the church the sacrament of penance and reconciliation

to prepare for the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation , what must we first examine ? why ?

we examine our conscience, so that we think about whether our decision were based on the actions and teaching of Jesus

describe sins of act and sins of omission :

sins of acts : wrong that we have committed sins of omission : failures to do the good that we were called to do

besides forgiveness, what do we receive thought Penance and Reconciliation ?

the gift of his Grace

describe what God grace help us to do :

to make good moral decisionto lead good moral lives to resist the temptation to sin

define social sin and give an example :

the sins can give rise to structures of sin to unjust situations and conditions that negatively impact society and its institutions prejudice-poverty-homelessness-crime-violence-discrimination

how did Jesus recognize the problems of society ?

during his life time :Jesus stood up for those treated unjustly because they were ill or poor Jesus protected people who could not protect themselves Jesus offered the peace and freedom that come from God's love and forgiveness