Ch. 3


is an electronic device that processes data.

Central processing unit (CPU)

or processor, is the "brain" of the computer

Input device

to enter data such as text

Graphics tablet

allows you to create sketches and drawings for display on a monitor

Output device

such as a printer or monitor


gives instructions to the computer's hardware to make it work

Operating system (OS)

controls all of the software programs on the computer

Graphical user interface(GUI)

allows users to select words, symbols, or graphics from the desktop

Application software

also referred to as applications

Local area network (LAN)

connects computers in a single location

Wide area network (WAN)

connects computers across a wider geographical area

Client Server Networks

most LANs used by businesses today are client/server networks


is a powerful central computer used by a network


is an individual computer that is part of a network

Peer-to-Peer Networks

another networking option is peer-to-peer network

Network interface card (NIC)

is a circuit board or PC card that allows a client computer to connect to a network


is used to join LANs

Network operating system (NOS)

is an operating system with special functions for linking computers and other devices in LANs.