Unit 1 english test

EU-Verbal Irony

When Dee tells Maggie and Momma they don't understand tradition when she really didn't.

EU- The act of creating and developing a character


EU- tells you what traits a character has

direct characterization

EU- a reader must make conclusions about the character based on a physical description of the character what he or she says, how they say it, what other says about him.. and so on.

indirect characterization

EU- Symbolism

the quilt symbolizes their heritage

D- the repition of initial constant sounds (think tongue twisters)


D- the repetition of vowel sounds followed by different constants in two or more stressed syllables.


D- the repetition in two or more words of final consonants in stressed syllables


D- the use of words that imitate sound


D- the use, more than once, of any element of language- a sound, figure of speech, word, phrase, clause, or sentence


D- harsh, hard sounds


D- soft, soothing sounds


D- Flashback

The flashback is triggered when the narrator hears the spade sink into the gravely ground, line 7, "Bends low, comes up twenty years away.

D- Irony

He thought he was bad for going away from tradition, but they did good by spreading it.

CG- Dynamic Character

Grandfather, he was at one point a young, calm, patient man, but as he grew older, his age and old body made him more cranky and impatient.


In the flashback, the grandpa always says short, to the point, statements that made a rough situation feel better. He was very wise.


When he tells the story of the giant wave

7th- Foreshadowing-

forshadowing of fierceness of wave :"Just after noon the color of the sky began to change all of a sudden. There was something strange and unreal about it." "The radio said it was going to be the worst in ten years." "The schools were closed, and all the

Dynamic Character-

7th man, he changes when he accepts it's not his fault, takes place in the water.


water becuase it symbolizes death and rebirth. K died in the water. The speaker experiences a rebirth in the water when he reconciles with himself and forgot the fear and regret and forgives himself.

Look over worksheets on the stories

she gave them out in class

anything that stands for something else; generally a concrete object that represents something abstract


a section of a literary work that interrupts the sequence of events to relate an event from an earlier time


a character who develops and grows during the course of the story. He has changed from the person he was at the beginning of the story.

dynamic character

the use of clues that suggest events that have yet to occur