ch. 6 kemper


Ruling Tribal Council of Iceland
slide 56


Most important Episcopal see in England
pg. 274


Leader of the Franks and led the tribe into Christianity
pg. 217

Cnut the Great

Declared Christianity religion of Denmark
slide 55


Written by St. Patrick
slide 20

Council of Toledo

Condemned Arianism
slide 13

Ecclesiastical History of the English People

Written by St. Bede
pg. 229


King of the Kents
pg. 227


Germanic tribe; converted to Christianity
pg. 217

Glagolithic scripts

Based on Greek alphabet
pg. 274

Historia Francorum

History of the Franks, written by St. Gregory
pg. 218

Irish Monasticism

Form of Monasticism brought to Ireland
pg. 218

Merovingian Dynasty

Descendants of Clovis
pg. 217


Spanish people who chose to live under Arab rule
pg. 274

Otto I

Defeated Hungarians at Battle of lech
slide 70


Sacred vestment worn by the Pope
pg. 274

Patrons of Europe

Given to St. Cryril and Methodius by Pope John Paul II
pg. 274

Penitential Boks

Concerns with Penance
pg. 224


Re-conquest" When Christians regained rule of Spain
pg. 219

St. Adalber of Prague

Apostle to the Prussians
slide 53

St. Ansgar

Apostle of the North
slide 53

St. Augustine of Canterbury

Brought Christianity to Anglo-Saxons
pg. 226

St. Bede

Most imporant Saint to Anglo-Saxons
pg. 229

St. Boniface

Apostle of Germany
slide 46

St. Columba

Important evengilzer of Britain and Scotland
pg. 223

St. Columabus

Irish monk who helped evanglize Swizterland and France
pg. 224

St. Gregory of Tours

Bishop of Tours in 573
pg. 218

St. Henry of Uppsala

Patron Saint of Finland
pg. 236

St. James the Greater and St. Paul

Gave Christianity to Spain
pg. 218

St. Olaf

Patron Saint of Norway
slide 55

St. Olga

Introduced Christianity to Russia
Slide 71

St. Patrick

Patron Saint of Ireland, and converted Ireland to Christianity
pg. 222

St. Stephen the Great

King of Hungary
slide 70

St. Vladimir

Apostle of Russians and Ukraines
slide 71

St. Willibrord

Apostle of Frisia
slide 45

St. Cyril and Methodius

Apostle of the Slaves
slide 64

St. Ludmilla and Wenceslaus

Patron Saints of Czech Republic
slide 68


Stage in canonization process
pg. 230


Germanic tribe
pg. 218


Oak of Thor" sacred tree of pagans of Hesse
pg. 274