Microsoft Office Termonolgy

Office Button

holds the Office menu which contains commands that work on the entire file or program.

Office menu

contains common commands to save, print, and share the file. You will also find options to change the properties of the software application, or to exit the application.

Quick Access toolbar

contains buttons for frequently used commands such as saving the file, undoing the last action, or refreshing the screen. This toolbar keeps these commands readily available at all times. An advantage to this toolbar is that it can be customized by adding buttons or removing ones you don't use. If you wish, you may also change the location of this toolbar by dragging it below the Ribbon.

title bar

lists the file name of the document and the Office 2007 application you are using. In the file shown here, the filename is Document 1, and the application is Microsoft Word. The ________ also contains the commands to minimize, maximize, and close the application as it does in all Windows applications. The ________ helps you to identify the file you are working on and the application.

Graphical User Interface- GUI

is the meeting point between the computer and the person using it. It is how one works with and communicates with the computer and software. .. also known as user interface


displays commands in groups on tabs. The ______ holds visual commands arranged on tabs. This is the command center of the Microsoft Office 2007 software. There are three components on the ______: tabs, groups, and commands. The _______ also contains other components that will make your work easier. The Dialog Box Launcher is a small icon, usually an arrow that opens dialog box with a related group of commands.


The core commands are _______. These are related commands that are put together so you can find them quickly. The Commands are the specific tasks to be performed. They are visual icons or buttons in the _________


is a set of options that appear as thumbnail graphics to represent the results. You can see the Font _______ with the Bold icon being bold face, the Italic icon being an italic face, and the Underscore icon being underscored.

Dialog Box

a window that allows one to change settings or make selections


are rectangles on the Desktop that display programs or folders currently in use. The operating system is a multitasking system that allows multiple _______/programs to be open at the same time.


located at the bottom of a window to allow the user to switch between/among various applications.

Status Bar

provides useful information about the file you are working on in the window. It is located at the bottom of the window.

Minimize button

shrinks the window into a button on the taskbar. This window is still open in memory, but not taking up space on the Desktop.

Maximize button

button enlarges the window so that it fills the entire screen. When the screen is maximized, the Restore Down button appears in place of the ______________. This button returns the window to the size prior to maximizing it.


is a set of instructions or data that has been given a name and stored in a storage location on the computer


help organize files. They are named and stored on the computer

Application software

includes word processing or crunching numbers in a spreadsheet or games. The files created with the software applications are data files.

System software

includes operating system software like Windows XP or Vista. It also includes utility programs to help maintain computers.

Recycle Bin

When you delete files from the hard drive, they really go into a storage folder called the __________. As long as the files are in the __________, they can be restored to their original location. Once your _______is emptied, you will not be able to retrieve the file. The _______ works only with hard drive files. If you delete a file from a flash drive, there is no _______ and it is permanently gone when you delete it.


determined by the number of picture elements called pixels. The higher the __________ means the higher the number of pixels; thus giving the screen a clearer image. The lower the __________means the larger the image, but not as clear.

Control Panel

handles system settings, resolution, appearances, printer settings, and mouse settings.

soft return

Word automatically moves to the next line when it reaches the margin of the page and moves the entire word to the next line. This is called a ______ and updates if the characters per line change.

Hard return

created by the user by pressing the enter key. It forces the insertion point to the next line.


Portrait is taller than it is wide, whereas landscape is wider than it is tall. Documents tend to be set to Portrait more often than landscape.

Monospaced fonts

look more like an old fashioned typewritten word. Each letter uses exactly the same amount of space, whether they are the letter i or the letter w.

Proportional typefaces

take differing amounts of space for each letter. It makes the words fit together and is much easier to read. Therefore the letter i can take up significantly less room than the letter w. _____________ look modern.


can provide synonyms to words if you find yourself using the same ones over and over.


means that the user is changing the appearance of a character, word, phrase, paragraph, page or document.


means that is the value the software is going to use if the user doesn't specify otherwise.

Left aligned

is the default alignment option. Here, the left side of the paragraph is aligned, while the right-hand side is ragged.

Right alignment

lines up the text on the right-hand side of the body and the left is left ragged. This alignment works well for numbers, allowing them to line up by units, tens, hundreds, etc. Right alignment should be used sparingly when writing in left to right scanning languages.

Centered alignment

is also known as ragged right and left. This is the hardest to read because the eye has no defined target from line to line. Reserve this alignment for short pieces of text, like headlines.

Justified paragraphs

align both sides of the text.

Left tabs (the default)

start at the tab, and the text continues to the right. This aligns the text to the left.

Right tabs

move to the tab and text backs up, so it aligns on the right.

Center tab

starts at the tab and continues to center the text on the tab by moving both left and right as text is entered.

Decimal tabs

for numbers and align at a decimal to line up units, tens, etc. to the left; and tenths, hundredths, etc. to the right. ______ align on a period as though it were a decimal point.

Bar tab

adds a line at the tab.

Tabs with leaders

Replaces the empty spaces leading up to the tab with a dot, dash or line leaders.


Use the Tab key to move from cell to cell in a _____. When you are in the final cell of a_____, typing a Tab will give you an entire new row of cells. If you need to add a tab to your cell, type Ctrl+Tab to insert a tab to a cell.


is referred to in the body of the document and the information is presented at the bottom of the document. When a reference number moves to a new page, the ________ automatically follows. ________ number automatically. If one is deleted or inserted, the_________ re-number automatically.


similar to footnotes however they display at the end of a document rather than on the bottom of a page. Insert an Endnote by placing the insertion point where the endnote reference is to be placed and select Endnote on the Footnotes group of the References ribbon.


in every document whether any text appears in either.


a paper copy


an electronic copy.


predefined page layout, fonts, margins, and styles. All you have to do is open a _______, and fill in the text and the information that is specific to your document.

World Wide Web

a service that helps to move around the Internet.


largest network of networks


Hyper Text Transfer Protocol


set of guidelines.


Uniform Resource Locator-address of an Internet site.

Order of operations

-Parenthesis/Exponentiation/ Multiplication and Division from left to right/Addition and Subtraction from left to right.


intersection of a row and a column


____ are horizontal and are number 1, 2, 3... _______ are vertical and are labeled A, B, C...


a graphical representation of data.


a group of rectangular cells in which all commands are carried out.


user-defined mathematical operations

Cell Address

also known as a cell reference. The column label and row number of a cell.


the cell address or numbers used in a function

Cell Formatting

changing the appearance of a cell or cells.

Pure absolute reference

when used in a formula or function, does not change when copied elsewhere in a worksheet. It is signified by using a $ in front of the column label and row number...$A$5

Pure relative reference

when used in a formula or function, does change when copied elsewhere in a worksheet. Example: A5

Mixed references

• $A5 where the column will not change when copied, but the row will change.• A$5 where the column will change when copied, but the row will not change.


predefined computational tasks.

Computer System

consists of hardware, software, memory and peripheral devices.


all the physical devices that make up the computer


Random Access Memory. It is volatile and temporary. When data is keyed into the computer, this is where it is held until saved to a more permanent storage location. Volatile means that If there is a loss of power, there is a loss of data. Also known as Memory, Main Memory or Primary Memory.


Read Only Memory content is put in by the manufacturer. It is nonvolatile, meaning that there is a loss of power, there is not a loss of data. Users can not write to ___.

Peripheral devices

all the physical devices connected to the computer...such as the printer, monitor, and scanner.

Clock Speed

the speed at which data can be transmitted inside the computer. It is measured in terms of gigahertz. ..meaning approximately giga- billion... hertz times per second.


contains circuitry that connects all the PC's components.


modulator/demodulator. ______ convert digital data to analog wave patterns and visa versa

Dial up-slowest

uses phone lines


uses phone line but users can still use the phone even if they are on the Internet. Fast.


does not use phone line. Fast.

Binary Numbers

one and zero. This signifies on/off.


approximately one thousand bytes.


approximately one million bytes.


approximately one billion bytes.


approximately one trillion bytes.