World Civilization: test 2: spain and portugal

What was the main reason for exploration in europe?

The main reason for exploration was desire of wealth. They hoped to trade for the spices and other luxury goods in Asia.

How did europe make more money from trade?

They collected many spices in Asia, specifically India, and made the prices higher. Therefore making an even better profit.

Finding a new trade route....

The muslims and the italians had controlled the trade from east to west. The italians resold their items in higher prices. The europeans didn't like this, so by the 1400s the european merchants had to find their own sea route straight to asia.

The spread of christianity....

The spread of Christianity helped motivate european exploration because they wanted christianity to spread and that was the only way to convert others.

Technology that makes exploration possible

a new vessel: the caravel- helped the ships get across the sea without having trouble with the wind.Improved their navigational techniques- the astrolabe

Portugal leads the way...

Portugal was the first European country to establish trading outposts along the west coast of Africa.

Portuguese exploration

Portugal looked at exploring Africa. This was a perfect time because there govt. well being was at it's peek. They found many spices and many jewels, silver and gold. They main supporter was Prince Henry of Portugal.

What did Prince Henry do to help Portugal's exploration?

He was a strong believer in spreading the Christian faith. In 1419, he founded a navigational school for mapmakers, shipbuilders, ect. And later after he died, they had established a bunch of trading posts along the African coast.

Who is Bartolomeu Dias?

Portuguese captain. He discovered the southeast coast of Africa.

Who is Vasco da Gama?

Portuguese explorer. 1948, he reached the port of calicut (southwestern coast of India) They were amazed by the spices , rare silks, and gems that filled calicut's shops. They returned to portugal with many different spices and things. Their cargo was worth 60 times the cost of the voyage. Plus, Da Gama's voyage had given them a direct sea route to India.

Spain also makes claims

The spanish monarchs also desired a direct route to Asia.

Christophor Columbus

He went off to find the direct route from spain to asia, but bumped into the caribbean instead, thinking it was the indies. His discovery heated up the rivalry between spain and portugal even more.

Treaty of Tortillas

The Pope divides the world in half between the Spanish and the Portuguese as the rivalry gets more serious and he makes both sides sign the Treaty of Tortillas agreeing to the division.