Theater Test 2


Wrote French comedies. Misanthrope, The miser, Tartuffe


Father of modern realism. Hedda Gabler, A Doll's House


Wrote for the Moscow Art Theater. Master of tragicomedy. Uncle Vanya, The Cherry Orchard, the three sisters, and the seagull


3 unsuccessful marriages, mentally unstable, wrote Miss Julie, and A Dream Play,


playwright who trained actors vigorously. Ensemble work. specificity. Wrote the rules of theater. Famous Work was Faust


Acting system with a prescribed set of gestures and vocalizations to indicate a particular emotional state. Eventually discarded


Most famous French actress in the world at the time. Known for her theatrics on and off the stage. epitomizes old school acting style


famous director and composer. argued for "total theater". antisemitic. Famous works are the flying dutchmen, the ring cycle, and tristan and isolde


duke who insisted on historical accuracy in costume and set design. crafted intricate sets. created and ensemble who were familiar with his language and style


did avante garde plays. acting method outlined in "an actor prepares". goal was to make acting look more real and true to life


antirealistic director. Killed by Russian authorities. Wanted theater to be free from rules. influenced by comedia and created acting system called biomechanics where actors acted like machines


theater should present "a shadow, a reflection, a projection of symbolic forms". focused on creating an atmosphere

Gilbert and Sullivan

Wrote operetta in England. Wild shows with crazy characters. "topsy turvy". famous works were the pirates of penzance, HMS Pinafore, and The Mikado. Popularized patter song


Known for Jazz influence. Famous works are crazy for you, of thee I sing, and Porgy and Bess

Porgy and Bess

takes place on Charleston Row. One of the best operas ever. 1st bridge between opera and musical theater


Wrote music and lyrics. Known for wit and entendre. Famous works are Anything Goes, and Kiss me Kate

Rodgers and Hart

composer, lyricist duo. Wrote 29 shows in 24 years. Famous works are babe in arms, boys from syracuse, Pal Joey. lyricist dies

Pal Joey

First musical with an antihero. He's a jigallo in NY. Joey doesn't end up winning; doesnt get money or love.


Did extravagant shows with lots of dancing chorus girls, or "follie girls


Italian Playwright and novelist. conservatist. work influenced absurdism.Famous work was 6 characters in search of an author.


Spanish playwright, director, and poet. Known for lyricism. Anti-facist. Famous works were blood wedding and The House of Bernarda Alba


British Playwright, director, performer, and composer. Career lasted over 4 decades. Didn't talk about politics. Original "jet setter". Famous works were Blithe Spirit, Hay Fever, and Private Lives


Playwright, theorist, and director. Surrealism. experimented with drugs. Famous for the theater of cruelty outlined in book the theater and its double

Theater of Cruelty

theater should return to its non textual origins. cruelty is the shattering of the audience's false sense of reality. calls for restructuring of the entire theatrical event


Playwright, theorist, producer, and director. converted to marxism. head of berliner theater. famous for theories on epic theater. Famous works were the 3 penny opera, The good woman of schetzwan, and Mother courage and her children


The father of modern realism. One of the great 3. Works had a very greek feel. Won pullitzer 4 times. Long days journey into night was published 11 years after his death. Produced in Sweden first and considered his greatest work


3 time pullitzer winner.Famous work was Our Town, by the skin of our teeth, the matchmaker, and lost in yonkers which becomes the basis for hello dolly

Our Town

Written by Wilder. Life marriage and death of Emily Webb. Blank stage. Talks about how much we take for granted. Takes place in a place called grovers corner in New Hampshire


A character's speech must be styled according to her social station, and in accordance to the situation.


A thing or a quality that appears true or real.

The Unities

The unity of action(a play should have one main action that it follows, with no or few subplots), of place (a play should not attempt to compress geography, nor should the stage represent more than one place), of time (the action in a play should take place in no more than 24 hours)

Restoration Theater

only a certain number of theaters could be opened. Allowed women on stage. For nobility. influenced by neoclassicism. plays are very suggestive. filled with familiar plot devices. satirical.

Aphra Behn

restoration playwright. Famous work was the rover

William Wycherley

restoration satirist. famous work was the country wife

William Congreve

bridged gap between restoration and sentimental. only wrote 4 plays. famous work was the way of the world


music drama. named for music that accompanies drama. plots arent original. characters are stereotypes. "vamp" was a sexy busty woman. Ex: is soap operas

Epic theater

form of episodic drama associated with Bertolt and aimed at the intellect rather than the emotion. Created by Bertolt Brecht. Goal is to instruct. Audience shout not always be aware that they are watching theatre

Theater of Cruelty

outlined in the book the theater and its double. cruelty is the shattering of the audience's false reality. developed by Artaud


touring variety shows featuring all forms of talent. aimed at middle class families. declines after 30's when movies come out. leads to musicals


variety show with music and comic sketches. Adult content with stripper vibe. contributed to musical

Little Theaters

non commercial, anti realistic theaters. American version of independent theaters in europe.

Provincetown Players

rejected by washington square players. performed in wharf theater

Well made play

no loose ends, plotted very specifically. uses contrived plot devices

Storm and Stress

Sturm und drang. rebellion in germany against neoclassicism. springboard to romanticism

Moscow Art Theater

Their works were inspired by the duke of saxe-meiningen. They premeired all 4 of checkhov's works. Also where stanislovski came up with his method

Stanislavski method

goal was to make acting look convincing. Actors played with action and objective. Onstage "life" and orchestration. work as an ensemble. Techniques were relaxation, concentration and observation, specifics, subtext, given circumstances, objectives, kinesthetic response


reexamining of social norms. onstage actions represented real life in the working class. Unhappy marriages, suicides, class and gender injustices, hipocracy, STD's, they set up independent theaters


springboarded off of Storm and Stress. rejection of neoclassicism. Placed high value on mood and quality. all about individuality and freedom.


French movement. not very popular. sought to make revelations about inner life. lots of special effects and everything has meaning. Wagner and Strindberg


began in italy and was fascinated with war. felt theater should reinvent itself and old forms should die out. antagonized the audience


began in switzerland and was a passivist movement, didn't like war. theater needed to reinvent itself. liked to confuse and antagonize the audience. questioned "what is art

Musical Revue

took place around the turn of the century. Songs and skits based loosely on a theme. all about being impressive. Cohan (patriotic) and Ziegfeld (dancers)

Musical Comedies

first thing that counts as american musical theater. Songs were by popular composers like irving Berlin. Story was flimsy and just served as an excuse to get to the next song. song didn't always match the scene. Gershwin, porter, rodgers and hart

Grand Opera

French. Lavish sets with big choruses. dances and music were integrated. more expensive than they were worth. Verdi


parody of opera. Light and comic in tone and content. incorporated popular songs. Gilbert and Sullivan

Grover's Corner

Where "Our Town" takes place

Show Boat

spans 4 decades. Racial discrimination and conflict in marriages were the theme. landmark musical because of its themes and the first musical in which the songs go with the scenes. most famous song was old man river

The Busy Body

Susanna Centlivre

A Dream Play

by Swedish Playwright August Strindberg; fourteen-act play that follows the disconnected logic of a dream

Good Woman of Setzuan

Brecht, questioned what it means to be a good person. Chinese woman has to create an alterego to protect her own interests when everyone else expects something of her

Long Day's Journey into Night

(Eugene O'Neill, 1956). O'Neill wrote it fifteen years earlier and presented the manuscript to his third wife with instructions that it not be produced until 25 years after his death. Actually produced three years after he died, it centers on Edmund and the rest of the Tyrone family but is really an autobiographical account of the dysfunction of O'Neill's own family, set on one day in August 1912. The father is a miserly actor, while the mother is a morphine addict, and the brother is a drunk; they argue and cut each other down throughout the play.

Hedda Gabler

Introduces a woman who is bored with her new author husband and to life itself. This character reunites with a friend who overcame alcoholism to write his own book. Jealous that Eilert's book tops her husband's,she tempts Eilert into taking a drink and into realizing that his own life lacks meaning. Henrik Ibsen's play demonstrates that, when confined to life in the home, a Victorian woman's hunger for independence could, like her, turn destructive.