DC Unit 2 Section 3

First election where political parties came to play in the president and vice president relative from opposite parties

Election in 1796

Second president of the United States was a Federalist

John Adams

Second vice president of the United States Democratic Republic

Thomas Jefferson

Frenchman who declared himself emperor and dictator of France by the middle of Adams administration. He set out to take over the world and has conquered much of Europe including Spain who owned all the land west of the city river

Napoleon Bonaparte

Series of laws passed the Federalist congress both houses to try to control aliens in the US to protect the government from treasonous uprisings by aliens

Alien and sedition ask

Kentucky the 15th state state legislature is controlled by Democratic Republic frontiersman they passed a resolution secretly by Thomas Jefferson declaring that the administration next no five not applicable in Kentucky

Kentucky resolution

That was candidate was John Evans in the Democratic Republic and it was Thomas Jefferson majority of electors were Democratic Republic they made plans to let two candidates to avoid having times as vice president Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied for the presidency

Election of 1800

Hamilton was killed by Aaron Burr in a duel with pistols because of Hamiltons criticism of burr who was a sitting vice president at the time

Hamilton Burr dual

Judges are appointed according to laws passsed during the final hours of Adams and the Federalist congress administration that create a new pic positions for judges

Midnight judges

Madison, who is TJ's Secretary of State, neglected to finish the paperwork on the new laws Madison did this thing compliance with the wishes of the new Pres. Thomas Jefferson

Marbury versus Madison

Federalist Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during the Marbury versus Madison case and for the next 30 years. He made the decision to use judicial review to keep the Democratic Republic happy and to try to keep the Federalist happy

John Marshall

He spoils system; giving jobs to the people with whom help win the election those who help but the battle get political jobs


Pirates operating on the Barbary Coast along the Mediterranean coast of north Africa Tripoli. They want to the US to pay a bribe to stop attacks on our ships

Barbary Coast

Slave who led a revoltin Haiti, which was controlled by the French Napoleon. Napoleon sent troops to Haiti to quell were Italian, but most of the army died of malaria. Napoleon had to send more troops. This cause a financial burden on the Pullians war effort and was a catalyst that partially caused the Louisiana purchase

Toussaint L' ouverture

1803, bought from France for $15 million the point was willing to sell because of his financial problems. His purchase was not authorized by the Constitution but it was publicly popular

Louisiana purchase

Explores and about Thomas Jefferson to exploring document Louisiana purchase. They let a larger tradition of artist mapmakers scientists found scenery landscape animals that renew very new never seen before

Lewis and Clark

She was an Indian woman, escort, and God, the Lewis and Clark expedition. They went up the Missouri River, across the plains, into the Rocky Mountains.


Discovered Pikes peak near Colorado Springs, on the eastern side of the Rockies. Pocket explored the southern Louisiana purchase area around Arkansas River. He was suspected of involvement in a conspiracy to make the Louisiana purchase a separate country

Zebulon Pike

Group of conspirators was intercepted on the Mississippi River with ammunition guns. They just Ehrenburg being a mastermind of the plot. He was trying to treason. The challenges Supreme Court Marshall Don Marshall who set a precedent by ruling that there must be hard evidence and multiple witnesses for a convention of treason

Treason trial

The leopard British ship stopped the Chesapeake the U.S. Navy vessel and impressed or drafted some of our men. Shots were changing men were killed. Public attitude was in support of retaliation the Jefferson try to discourage were instead he had issued a trade embargo

Chesapeake - leopard incident

Policy set by Jefferson that prohibited trade with England in particular, in Europe, in general it was poorly received by the public in Jefferson popular he dropped dramatically


50 anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on This day

July 4, 1826

Offer the first American dictionary. It was symbol of America as a nation separate from its British origin

Noah Webster

Was one of the first American authors to write American literature about American subjects Rip van Winkle the legend of sleepy Hollow

Washington Irving

Early 1800s really just revival. Which became necessary because of westward expansion and also because I'll years of that country were basically deist that is they believe in a supreme being who created the world but he was uninvolved in her everyday Lives

Second great awakening

Built the first textile factory in the US

Samuel Slater

And then at the Cottongin 1793 and the interchangeable parts

Eli Whitney

Invented the steamboat. He was the first you put a steam engine on a boat, which drastically improved transportation by allowing travel upriver as easily as downriver.

Robert Fulton