Plain Whorl

fingerprint in which some of the curved ridges touch the line between the deltas

Central Pocket Whorl

fingerprint in which none of the center core touches the line between the deltas

Double Loop Whorl

Whorl that has two loops combined in the same pattern, usually opening in opposite directions

Accidental Whorl

fingerprint containing two or more patterns (not including the plain arch), or does not clearly fall under any of the other categories

Radial Loop

the loops flow in the direction of the thumb

Ulnar Loop

loop that points towards the ulna bone

Plain Arch

The simplest of all fingerprint patterns is the

Tented Arch

similar to the plain arch, but has a spike in the center

Ending Ridge

The point in a fingerprint pattern where a single friction ridge that ends.

Short Ridge

Short ridges that simply start and stop and dont connect to any other ridge



Dot or Island

a round ridge between 2 straight ridges

Crossover Ridge


Fork (bifurication)