McCarthy Vocab 8

homogeneous (adj.)

of the same or similar nature or kind

humane (adj.)

characterized by kindness or compassion

hypocritical (adj.)

insincere/having a double standard

hypothetical (adj.)


immutable (adj.)

not subject or susceptible to change

impair (v.t.)

diminish in strength, value, or quality

impassive (adj.)

devoid of emotion

impasse (n.)

road or passage having no exit/difficult situation offering no workable solution

impede (v.t.)

retard or obstruct the progress of


hindrance or obstruction/organic defect preventing clear articulation

implement (v.t.)

put into effect/carry out

implication (n.)

indirect indication/implicit significance

imply (v.t.)

entail/express or indicate indirectly

implicit (adj.)

contained in the nature of something though not readily apparent

imposter (n.)

one who engages in deception under an assumed name or identity

inadvertently (adv.)

not duly attentive in execution/unintentionally

inane (adj.)

empty/without sense or substance

inaugurate (v.t.)

cause to begin/induct into office

incessant (adj.)

continuing without interruption

incidental (adj.)

of minor, casual, or subordinate nature or importance

incisive (adj.)

penetrating, clean, and sharp

incite (v.t.)

provoke and urge on

inclusive (adj.)

comprehensive/taking a great deal or everything within its scope

incongruous (adj.)

incompatible/lacking in harmony

inconsequential (adj.)

lacking importance/unimportant

incontrovertible (adj.)

not open to question

incorrigible (adj.)

incapable of being corrected or reformed/firmly rooted/ineradicable

indict (v.t.)

charge with fault or offense