AP Gov Class Notes Test!

What does the Renaissance mean?


Where does the Renaissance start?

The Italian Peninsula

What is the new focus during the renaissance?


What does Humanism mean?

Instead of worrying about the afterlife, the focus of our civilization starts at improving our life here on Earth


Fat. Angelico


- Was a famous early sculptor in the early renaissance

Leonardo de Vinci

- Ideal ren. Man
- Young man were suppose to be like him
- Mona lisa and last supper
- Last supper was a common thing for artists


- Usually considered the best man renaissance produced
- Not as polished as Leonardo but amazing at art
- " The David" The ceiling.
- Mary holding Jesus
- "Moses"- the tomb on pope Julius the 2nd
- The thing about the Moses statue was that it looks like t


Art" The School of Athens"-in the Vatican today


He is considered the father of the northern renaissance
- Father of German ren. Same thing
- He signed his paintings
- He would sign it with "ad

El Greco

Spanish artist


- Father of modern art


- If there was a painting of a king or queen many would say Holbein painted it
- Quart painter
- Made his life talking the rich and famous
- Pick Holbein for king or queen picture on

Who made Lit so popular?


John Gutenberg

invented the printing press


- Petriarch and Dante

Dante's book

Divine comedy

what does inferno mean



The greatest writer of the English language
Some would consider him greatest writer ever
only two pieces of writing are for sure written by him


invented the essay


- He's considered the greatest writer
Most famous work: Dan Quinote
- Cervantes was a disabled veteran

Dan Quinote

first European novel

Rabelais wrote..?


Boccaccio wrote...?


Castiglione wrote...?

The Courtier

ST. thomas more wrote


What does utopia actually mean?

no where

What was St. Thomas more's profession?

his profession was a lawyer


- Catholic priest from holland, he's dutch
- Praise of fally
- Was a very devote catholic

Five italian nations- they were called city-states

1. Richest one- the papel states( the vatican)
2. Malan- city in italy today, however a nation many years ago
3. Venice- " ", venice was the "serene republic",they were an aligarcy not a republic
Goge- title given to the leader of venice
4. Napels- the la


wrote the controversial book if it's okay or not break commandments if a ruler. The book was called- "The Prince

First country during ren. time?

papel states

Martin V

ended the great schism

Who was the worst pope?

Alexander the 6th

Alexander the 6th

- He is reffered to the " Borgea"
- Borgeas were and are a nobel family from Spain
- He was elected because he was feared by everybody

Treaty of Tordesillias

divided the newly discovered lands outside Europe between Portugal and Spain

Julius 2

- Good military leader
- Some of the greatest works of ren. Were commissioned by him
- Signif. Pope

Leo 10th

- The medachi pope- from the medachi fam
- Lorenzo the mag. Son
- It would make sense the elected this guy pope
- Guy who was born into a family and had everything
- Makes the worst deiscion any pope could make-hadnling ML


- Catholic priest
- In 1519
- Profesor at whittenburg university
- On of the leader theologians
- Wants to debate the issue of indulgences
- What the church should have done: have martin luther come to rome ^^^^^^^^^ and have a diccsuion if indulgences ar

Martin Luther created:


Clement 7th

- Church has changed totally by then
- Clement is pope, controls papal states
- They lose war against holy roman empire
- Holy empire wins
- Pope thrown into prison
- The deal is that charles the 5th releases the pope
- Papal states is reinstated- by this

Hapsburg fam:

most popular family, german family at the very beginning, they was a marriage that would shape euro. History

Ferdinand and Isabella's oldest child?

also known as " mad joan

Joan's younger sister, Catherine, would marry

Henry the 8th

Who does Joan marry? Why is she called "mad Joan"?

She marries Max. She is called mad joan because he dies young

War of the Roses

War in England that was very devasting
It was Lancaster(red) v. York ( blue)
House of york was winning, king of England- edward the 4th
Elizabeth the 4th was his daughter
His oldest boy- Edward the 5th
The king ends up dead, power than goes to his oldest

Who was the first tutor to rule England?

Henry 7th

Henry the 7th does two good things

1. henry the 7th convinces ferd. And isabella to murder one of there to daughters - A few months after the wedding, Arthur died
2. Gets ferd and is to allow catherine to stay in england marry his second son

Henry Vll

The problem starts when he wants a divorce from his first wife
The catholic church wont grant the divorce because of the reformation
He breaks this country from the catholic church because of this
He sets his own thing up, monarch is the head of it

Marries another wife named jane seymour
She gives him a boy- what he wanted
The boy would be named edward the 6th
This boy would not be good, he surpirsingly made it through children and would rule but be in a sick bed during his entire existence
After th


Anne of cleave - was his shortest marriage
- He marreid her because he was trying to get an alliance
Anotehr trophy wife. Accused of treason. Never gets pregnant. Gets beheaded by him


Best thing he did for his country: wanted england down the road to be a major country for europe
In order to this this england needed a strong navy
Henry 8th is given the title " father of the english navy


When henry dies, his son- edward the 6th, takes over. He would reign for six years
- Religious killings continue during his reign
- You have a king but the king is a sick teenager
- However like his father, he is a protestant. - head of anglican church


Mary comes to throne but only reigned from 53-58. She would die from a face growing cancer
Known as "mary the 1st" also known as "mary the tutor" "bloody mary"
Her goal: is to make england catholic again, to reverse what her father had done


Her husband: philip the 2nd. He controls spain and the massive spanish overseas empire
When she inherits the throne, he would have no power in england socially.


When marry dies, elizabeth takes over
She would have a nice long reign
Elizabeth has several nicknames "elizabeth the first" her most popular nickname in britain- good queen beth. If youre catholic you don't like elizabeth too much. IF britain had a mount


Defeat of spanish armada


Then when eliz is dying
When eliz. Dies she's the last of the tutors.
The new kign is james( James the 1st)
He was king of scotland and now he;s king of England. Now they are united and to this day that are still united
This begins the stuarts dynasty


New kigndom is called " The united kingdom"
This includes: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland


James decided to translate the Bible
- This made English the primary language
- The English version- called the kings version today
- Successful common colonization
- Next big thing he accomplishes ^^^
- Virginia is the first overseas colony- and he gets


( Petition of Rights)
It says only parliament can tax


British civil war
Runs from 1642-49
Two sides: roundheads v. cavaliers
Roundheads are also called the puritans, parliamentarians
- They were called roundheads because they didn't do **** with their looks
Cavaliers: were called monarchists because they sup


First two political parties:



ABOLISH monarchy


supported monarchy

Habeas Corpus

to bring the body
basically means Gov cannot arrest you without evidence


young doctor who saved many from Black death however wife and kids get it and he cant save them - Starts getting the rep of being able to predict the future
- He even predicted the black death


means future king

most popular sport


Glorious revelation

parliament is supreme

William is a dutchman- house is of orange.


British bill of rights:
4 major laws in it
1. Parliament has complete power over military
2. Sorta a free press- no country has a total free press
3. Bill of rights demands that the British parliament would meet once a year, at least.
4. Religious toler


Act of settlement

only an anglican can sit on the throne of england

William of orange is like the catholic hitler
Killed by a ground mole
( he was Irish-catholic)


Anne- his second daughter that comes to throne
- Anne would bury all 17 of her children
- Biggest thing that happens during her reign: War of Spanish Succession
- This runs from the beginning to the end of her reign
- British side would sorta win ( War wa


The treaty of utrecht- ends the war.