Car, Gar, Zar

acercarse (me acerqu�)

to approach

arrancar (arranqu�)

to pull up/out; to start up (vehicle)

colocar (coloqu�)

to put, place

dedicarse (me dediqu�)

to devote oneself

embarcarse (me embarqu�)

to embark, go on board

equivocarse (me equivoqu�)

to be mistaken

explicar (expliqu�)

to explain

fabricar (fabriqu�)

to make, manufacture

indicar (indiqu�)

to indicate

marcar (marqu�)

to dial, mark

mascar (masqu�)

to chew

masticar (mastiqu�)

to chew

pescar (pesqu�)

to fish

platicar (platiqu�)

to chat

practicar (practiqu�)

to practice

publicar (publiqu�)

to publish

sacar (saqu�)

to take out

tocar (toqu�)

to touch; to play an instrument

agregar (agregu�)

to add

ahogarse (me ahogu�)

to drown

apagar (apagu�)

to put out, extinguish

cargar (cargu�)

to load, upload

castigar (castigu�)

to punish

colgar (colgu�)

to hang

encargar (encargu�)

to put in charge, entrust, order

entregar (entregu�)

to hand in, hand over

jugar (jugu�)

to play

madrugar (madrugu�)

to get up early

navegar (navegu�)

to surf (the Web)

negar (negu�)

to deny

pagar (pagu�)

to pay

pegar (pegu�)

to stick, beat

rogar (rogu�)

to beg, ask

tragar (tragu�)

to swallow

abrazar (abrac�)

to hug, embrace

actualizar (actualic�)

to update

alcanzar (alcanc�)

to reach, overtake

almorzar (almorc�)

to have lunch

amenazar (amenac�)

to threaten

cruzar (cruc�)

to cross

deslizarse (me deslic�)

to slip

empezar (empec�)

to begin (start)

gozar (goc�)

to enjoy

lanzar (lanc�)

to throw

realizar (realic�)

to realize, carry out, accomplish

rechazar (rechac�)

to reeject, turn out

rezar (rec�)

to pray

tranquilizarse (me tranquilic�)

to calm down

tropezar (tropec�)

to trip, stumble