Chapter 10

What is ability?

refers to relatively stable capabilities of people to perform a particular range of different but related activities. Genes and environment contribute to differences in ability.

What are the various types of cognitive ability?

Verbal ability, reasoning ability, spatial ability, perceptual ability.

What are the various types of emotional ability?

Includes four types of emotional skills:
1. Self awareness
2. emotion regulation
3. other awareness
4. Use of emotions

What are the various types of physical ability?

Strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination, psychomotor abilities, and sensory abilities.

How does cognitive ability affect job performance and organizational commitment?

General cognitive ability has a strong positive relationship with job performance, due to its effect on task performance. General cognitive abilities not related to organizational commitment.

What steps can organizations take to hire people with levels of cognitive ability?

Wonderlic personnel test

Cognitive ability

Knowledge in problem solving, using information to make decisions and solve problems.


Oral and written comprehension


Number facility: performing basic math operations
Mathematical reasoning: ability to choose formulas and solve problems that involve numbers.


Problem sensitivity: Understanding when there is a problem or when something may go wrong.
Deductive reasoning: Applying general rules to specific problems.
Inductive reasoning: Combining specific information to form general conclusions.
Originality: Deve


Spatial orientation: Knowing where one is relative to objects in the environment.
Visualization: Imagining how something will look after it has been rearranged.


Speed and flexibility of closure: Making sense of information and fining patterns.
Perceptual speed: Comparing information or objects with remembered information.

Self awareness

understand types of emotions he/she is experiencing

Other awareness

understand types of emotions others are experiencing

Emotion regulation

ability to recover quickly from emotional experiences

psychomotor abilities

generally refer to the capacity to manipulate and control objects.

sensory ability

capabilities associated with vision and hearing

Wonderlic Personnel Test

a 12-minute test of general cognitive ability used to hire job applicants