Religious Freedom

The ability to worship however you want


treating people harshly because of their beliefs


someone who owes money and can't pay it back


a country's permanent settlement in another part of the world


producing goods based on skills and available resources


when people rely on each other to meet their needs


a large farm where cash crops are grown


growing crops to eat or sell (farming)


person who is given a large piece of land by the king


the wealth and resources of a community, religion, or country

Founder of Roanoke and was beheaded

Sir Walter Raleigh

Reason for founding Roanoke


Year Roanoke was founded


Leader of the Roanoke Colony and Grandfather of Virginia Dare

John White

First English baby born in North America

Virginia Dare

Group organized by King of England to make money

The Virginia Company

When was the Virginia Company made


Who said "he who does not work, does not eat

John Smith

Who figured out that tobacco grew well in Va

John Rolfe

What was the religion of Plymouth

Separatist pilgrims

The Pilgrims arrived on what boat?


When did the Mayflower arrive in Plymouth


Why did the Pilgrims come

religious freedom

William Bradford

First Governor of Plymouth

What is the Mayflower Compact

The first official government in the colonies written by William Bradford

Wampananat Indians who taught the pilgrims how to farm and hunt

Squanto and Samoset

Where did the pilgrims want to land

Virginia, but landed in Plymouth

When and who made Thanksgiving a national holiday

Lincoln in 1863

Who had the first Thanksgiving

Pilgrims in Plymouth

Who says "busy hands are happy hands


Why did the puritans leave the church of england

They were trying to purify the church

When did the puritans land in Massachusetts bay?


Who was the first governor of Massachusetts Bay

John Winthrop

What was the Massachesetts Bay government based on

Christian teachings and beliefs

What was the "Great Migration

When thousands of people moved to America for religious freedom and tolerance

Which colony was the site of the salem witch trials

Massachusetts Bay Puritans

What year were the Salem Witch Trial


How many people were executed in the Witch Trials


When was Pennsylvania settled


What was special about the quakers

welcomed people of all religions

Who's religious tolerance became the basis for the first amendment of the US Constitution

William Penn of the Quakers

Who started Georgia as freedom from debtors prisons

James Oglethrope

Who said "squeaky wheel get the oil

William Penn

What does Pennsylvania mean

Penn's woods

What was the first major city that would become the first capital of the USA


Philidelphia held what two things

Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention