Red Herring

make a more subtle appeal to emotion; proofs are irrelevant to the case

Appeal to Ignorance

claim that since a proposition cannot be disproved, it must be true

Irrelevant Goals or Functions

measure a plan or policy according to goals it wasn't intended to achieve

Irrelevant Thesis

make a case for the wrong point

Mob Appeal (ad populum)

making the audience want to be part of the crowd

Snob Appeal

making the audience want to feel "special

appeal to Illegitimate Authority (ad verecundiam)

attempts to shame the listener into agreement by citing an illegitimate authority

Chronological Snobbery

makes the audience want to be a part of an old tradition or of the latest thing

Fallacies of Relevance

distractions from the main point

Appeals to Emotions

attempts to sway opinion with emotion

Appeal to Fear (ad baculum)

making the audience afraid of the consequences of disagreeing

Appeal to Pity (ad misericordiam)

making the audience feel sorry for the speaker

Ad Fontem Arguments

focus attention on the source rather than the issue

Ad Hominem

avoid the issue by insulting the opponent

Tu Quoque

assume a rival's recommendation should be discounted; rival doesn't follow it himself

Genetic Fallacy

idea should be discounted simply because of its source

Straw Man Fallacy

attempt to disprove an opponent's position by presenting it in an unfair, inaccurate light